Monday, August 6, 2012 – 5:30 p.m.
Chamber Room – Countryside City Hall

1. Call to order.

2. Roll Call:

Ald. Sean McDermott, Chairman

Ald. James Jasinski

Ald. Bob Pondelicek

Treasurer Steven Jasinski

Adm. Gail Paul

2. Approval of Minutes – June 27, 2012.

3. Consideration of a Redevelopment Agreement with Westfield Ford for a complete renovation of their dealership (a Presentation will be given by Westfield Ford)

4. Status on the Redevelopment of the old Fire Station Property.

5. Other Business.

6. Executive Session for the purpose of discussing Real Estate and Review of Executive Session Minutes of 3-26-12.

7. Adjournment.

Monday, August 6, 2012 – 5:30 p.m.
Council Chambers – Countryside City Hall

Ald. Sean McDermott, Chairman, called the meeting to order at 5:30 p.m. He called the Roll of those physically present:

PRESENT: Ald. Sean McDermott, Chairman, City Admin. Gail Paul, Ald. Robert Pondelicek, Ald. James Jasinski, Treasurer Steven Jasinski.

Also Present: Mayor Krzeminski, Ald. Michalczyk, Ald. Von Drasek, Ald. Musillami, Clerk Sweeney, Attorney Peck, Asst. Admin. Peterson, Fin. Dir. Drazner, CDP Swanson, Sal. Quatrochi, Carm Scarpace, Westfield Ford; Michael Sullivan, Peak Construction, Karl Heitman, Architect.

Approval of Minutes

The first order of business was approval of the minutes of June 27, 2012. Ald. Pondelicek moved to approve the minutes as presented, seconded by Ald. Jasinski and carried unanimously.

Consideration of Redevelopment Agreement with Westfield Ford

City Administrator Ms. Paul described the contents of the draft Economic Incentive Agreement with Westfield Ford; the City is awaiting final comments from the opposing attorney. She highlighted the features of the agreement as follows:

The incentive incorporates the new construction of a 38,000 s.f. Ford dealership containing green elements including a Quick Service lane and additional service bays. Westfield agrees to operate the dealership for a minimum of ten years. Final estimated project costs are pending but are in the range of $5 million. The City will pay an upfront incentive of $500,000 with a fixed annual incentive of $203,802 for ten years for a maximum total incentive of $2,538,000 . If the sales tax falls below $260,000, the annual incentive will be reduced by the shortfall. Westfield will submit building permits within three months of the effective date of the agreement and commence the project within 30 days of obtaining all required permits. Westfield must complete the project within 12 months. If the project is not completed within the timeframe, the City is not obligated to make the fixed annual incentive payment until completed. If deficiencies are not corrected within 24 months, Westfield agrees to reimburse the City for the initial $500,000 incentive payment. After final review, Attorney Peck will prepare an Ordinance.

Mr. Sal Quatrochi stated that there were some design snags due to insufficient property. He has hired Michael Sullivan of PEAK CONSTRUCTION CORP., and Karl Heitman, HEITMAN ARCHITECTS INC. to assist in the project. They shared some preliminary designs with Council. Ms. Paul has a complete book with all the information, cost and materials, as well as a timeframe; they hope for an April completion with the exception of the parking lot. Mr. Heitman displayed the original rendering, which they will adopt to make the building longer and wider, and preserving 50 parking spaces. The new rendition adds 8 more service bays, from 26 to 34; 8-10 of those heavy duty truck bays are for truck repair. The interior footprint features a second story with an elevator, a quick service lane and a separate car wash. They moved the entrance and will seek an additional curb cut on Joliet Road.

The rendering shows a new glass storefront along LaGrange Road wrapping around Joliet Road with the main entry feature in the corner. The showroom will have a different look; with private pods to accommodate 30 sales people – a totally different concept. They will use all recycled materials keeping in full compliance with the green element.

Ald. Jasinski asked about the Hertz rental office. Hertz is using a 12×10′ office and parking spaces for ten vehicles. A 3-year contract is in place but Westfield may take it over in the future. Ald. Pondelicek asked about room for the additional inventory – Mr. Quatrochi stated it is based on dollar spending and they will meet that criteria. Ald. McDermott’s concern is with LEED Certification – all terms will be pursued. Regarding truck repairs and sales – Westfield has a license to sell up to 450 – future licensing is possible; they are already licensed for truck sservice. Mayor Krzeminski sought assurance that all safety measures, re: sprinklers, mechanical/electrical, etc. are totally renovated. Mr. Sullivan stated that they are pursuing an atrium-like space – with a cloud approach ceiling to open up the interior with indirect lighting and skylights to enhance the showroom areas. The site plan conforms to all land acquisitions proposed by IDOT. Treas. Steve Jasinski entered the meeting room.

Chairman McDermott stated that a zoning variance may be required for large truck sales. Attorney Peck stated that is a special use in M-1 zoning; Westfield is Zoned B-3; this will require further discussion. CDP Mr. Swanson asked about location of the freestanding signs. Mr. Quatrochi stated that the sign on LaGrange Road may be relocated. Ford may require new signage. This matter will be heard at the City Council Regular Meeting of August 22, 2012.

Status on Redevelopment of the old Fire Station Property

Chairman McDermott stated that Pop’s Restaurant has run into cross access issues to the north; that matter is tabled; other options will be discussed in Executive Session. City Admin. Ms. Paul included the letter from the franchisor stating that cross access with the adjacent property is required (FedEx-Kinko’s). Attempts to do so were unsuccessful and Pop’s withdrew it’s purchase offer. The area is a one-half acre corner lot — a small buildable area. This may be the case with any new owner.

There being no further business to discuss, Ald. Pondelicek moved to recess to Executive Session under Section 2Ac of the Open meetings Act for the purpose of discussing real estate and Section 21c to review Executive Session Minutes of 3-26-12, seconded by Ald. Jasinski and carried by Roll Call vote. Chair McDermott declared the meeting recessed at 5:57 p.m.

* * * * *

The Regular Meeting returned to Open Session with the same members present. Ald. Jasinski moved to adjourn the Regular Meeting, seconded by Ald. Pondelicek and carried by unanimous voice vote. Chairman McDermott declared the meeting adjourned at 6:08 p.m.