City of Countryside

Recreation Committee Meeting

Tuesday, December 6, 2011 6:00 P.M. Chamber Room

I. Call meeting to order.

II. Roll call.

Alderman James Jasinski – Chairman
Alderman Sean McDermott
Alderman Robert Pondelicek

III. Approval of Minutes – September 28, 2011.

IV. Children’s Christmas Party Wrap Up.

V. Discussion on Tree City USA Program.

VII. Review and Discussion on Non-Motorized Transportation Plan Outline.

VIII. Other Committee Business.


December 6, 2011 6:00 PM


Meeting was called to order at 6:04 pm. Upon roll call the following were present:

Jim Jasinski, Chairman

Bob Pondelicek, Alderman

Sean McDermott, Alderman

Members Absent:


Also present:

Mayor Ed Krzeminski, Ex-Officio

Karen Michalczyk, Alderman

Sharon Sweeney, City Clerk

Sharon Peterson, Assistant City Administrator

Bryan Swanson, Community Development Planner

2. APPROVAL OF MINUTES – September 28, 2011 – upon motion made, the minutes were approved.


Assistant City Administrator Peterson provided an update on the Children’s Christmas Party that was held on December 3, 2011. Ms. Peterson had also provided the Committee with a spreadsheet that included the residents last name, address and number of children they requested tickets for. There was a question about residents bringing their grandchildren, when the grandchildren did not live in Countryside. Ms. Peterson explained that she was told the policy had been that Countryside grandparents could bring their grandchildren to the event. Ms. Peterson went on to explain that the Committee may want to consider limiting the amount of tickets each resident can pick up, because there was a resident who came to pick up tickets and she said she was a grandmother and had 18 grandchildren and she wanted 18 tickets. This topic will be discussed further at a future meeting.

Alderman Pondelicek asked what role the CBA played in the event. Ms. Peterson said that the CBA was present at the event to volunteer, the William Tell donated the room, the breakfast was donated, and Infinity Signs and Graphics donated the sign that was next to Santa for the pictures. Chairman Jasinski said that all those businesses are members of the CBA.

Mayor Krzeminski said the venue for the party was outstanding, and the staff at the William Tell did a great job. Mayor Krzeminski asked Ms. Peterson to draft a letter to the Lenochs thanking them for the use of the room. Chairman Jasinski discussed the performers, he felt that Santa and the Magician did a fine job, and though the singer was good, her act seemed to go a little long. Ms. Peterson suggested cutting down the party next year to one and a half hours versus two hours. After discussion, it was the consensus of the committee to change the length of the party to one and a half hours.

Chairman Jasinski asked who decides what goes in the stockings that are given out at the end of the event. The candy and toys in the stockings are not really something kids like, and possibly the City could look into working with a candy vendor next year, and Helping Hand could still stuff the stockings as in years past.


Community Development Planner Bryan Swanson presented the Tree City USA item, and the requirements for eligibility. Alderman Pondelicek asked what the advantages of becoming a Tree City USA are. Alderman McDermott said that it is good PR for the City, creates a good image of the City and benefits the community as a whole. Samples of the Tree Care Ordinance and Tree Care Guide from the City of Oakbrook Terrace were attached in the packet for Committee member’s review and comments.

Mayor Krzeminski said that the City has looked at this in the past, but not just at City trees, all trees, including private property trees. Mr. Swanson went on to explain that with this program, the City could either monitor trees either on public property only, or public property and private property. Mr. Swanson said that if the city chooses to monitor trees on private property, this touches on the rights of private homeowners. Mr. Swanson asked the committee what direction they would like to go in in terms of rules and regulations. After discussion it was determined that if the City moves forward with the Tree City USA application, the City would only monitor the trees on public property.

Chairman Jasinski asked about the $2.00 per capita, and if the City would have to increase its budget to meet that need. With the branch pickup and the chipping the City’s Public Works Department does every year, that already meets the $2.00 per capita requirement. The only difference in the budget would be some of that money may have to be reallocated to a different line item in the Public Works budget. The total cost for that budget would still remain the same. A tree board is also required; Mayor Krzeminski directed staff to put a brief article in the next newsletter soliciting members.

Ms. Peterson was directed to have the City Attorney draft a Tree Care Ordinance to be presented at the next Recreation Committee meeting.


Assistant City Administrator presented the Non-Motorized Transportation Plan outline to the Committee and asked for comments back by Wednesday, December 14, 2011. A draft Plan will be given to the City by December 22, 2011 and the deadline for review and comments will be January 9, 2012. The final Plan will be submitted by the end of January, and the Plan will go to the City Council for final approval at the February 8, 2012 meeting. Chairman Jasinski asked if the final Plan could be reviewed at a Recreation Committee meeting prior to the City Council meeting. The Recreation Committee could review the Plan on or around February 1, 2012.


LT Summer Concert Kick-Off: Alderman Von Drasek was not able to attend the meeting, but asked Ms. Peterson to present his idea of having the Lyons Township High School orchestra perform at a concert in the park. They could perform on Thursday, June 7, 2012, while school is still in session. The concert would be at no cost to the City and it would be a good way to kick off the summer concert series. The Committee would like this to move forward.

Route 66 Experience Hub Update: Community Development Planner Bryan Swanson provided an update on the Route 66 Experience Hub and the error in the Illinois Historic Route 66 Byway Association in advertising that there were grants and Experience Hubs available. If Experience Hubs and funding becomes available again next year, the City will look into applying for funding.


There being no further recreation business, the meeting adjourned at 6:49 pm.

_____________________________ __________________________

Dated James Jasinski, Chair