Wednesday, February 18, 2015 7:00 P.M. Flagg Creek Golf Course

1. Call meeting to order.

2. Roll call.

Mark Radulski – President

Kevin Burke

Tom Michalczyk

Bob Picek

John Von Drasek

3. Additions/Corrections to the Agenda.

4. Comments from the Public.

5. Consent Agenda – The consent agenda will be approves with one motion. If there is a question or concern regarding an item on the consent agenda, board members can either call Billy, Matt or Sharon prior to the meeting or request that the specific item be removed from the consent agenda and be voted on separately.

A. Approval of the Regular Meeting Minutes from January 21, 2015.

B. Review of the Paid Bills Report for the Period of January 1 – January 31, 2015.

6. New Business.

A. Review of Finalized Version of Complimentary Golf Policy.

B. Discussion on Complimentary Golf for the Golf Leagues.

C. Discussion on Custodial Services Contract for the Club House.

D. Approval of the Purchase of Five New Computers.

E. Discussion on National Pepsi Golf Beverage Program.

F. Rounds Report for January.

G. Presentation of Financial Report for the Period Ended January 31, 2015.

H. Donation Requests.

I. Staff Reports.

J. Other.

7. Additional Items.

8. Move to Executive Session.

For the purpose to discuss personnel, Sec. 2(c)(1).

9. Adjournment.




February 18, 2015 7:00 PM


The Flagg Creek Administrative Board Meeting was called to order at 7:00p.


Upon roll call the following were present:

Mark Radulski, President

Tom Michalczyk, Vice President

Bob Picek, Board Member

Also present:

Steve Drazner, Finance Director/Acting Treasurer

Gail Paul, City Administrator

Billy Rosinia, Golf Course Manager

Doug Davis, Golf Course Superintendent


Mr. Rosinia requested that one item be added for discussing an increase in green fees.




A. Approval of Meeting Minutes from January 21, 2015

B. Voucher Report/Review of Invoices for 2/1/15-2/28/15.

There was some brief discussion about the February invoices and that nothing appeared to be out of line. President Radulski made a motion to approve items A & B and seconded by Member Michalczyk. All were in favor.


A. Review of Finalized Version of Complimentary Golf Policy. There was an inquiry on whether there was always a $1.00 charge for employees receiving complimentary golf. Mr. Rosinia stated yes and that the money goes into a safe (kept off the books). Administrator Paul stated that she doesn’t believe that the $1.00 collections should then be part of the policy. The Board agreed that the $1.00 contribution should not be part of the policy and it would no longer be mandatory. Mr. Rosinia then discussed his authority to give out 12 complimentary rounds of golf and that there may be occasions where this number may exceeded during any given month. President Radulski stated that were that to happen, Mr. Rosinia should just let the Board know and explain it at the monthly Board meeting. In most cases though, overall the complimentary rounds should average out to no more than 12 per month. There was a motion by President Radulski to approve the policy, excluding the one sentence related to the $1.00 contribution. All were in favor.

B. Discussion on Complimentary Golf for the Golf League. For the lady’s league, there is prepayment of 15 rounds of golf. Mr. Rosinia recommended continuance of the policy that if a league member plays an additional 4 rounds, then 1 free round would be given. In essence, this would be like offering a 20% discount on the 4 additional rounds. Administrator Paul stated that a policy for this would be written as just discussed and approved by the Board.

C. Accept lowest Bid for Custodial Services Contract. Mr. Rosinia received four quotes for janitorial services. The lowest bidder was Jani-King at $3,384 for annual cleaning services. References were checked. The company would clean the facility three times during the busy season and one time per week during the off season and would also be on call when necessary for $25/hour. The contract could be suspended during the winter if cleaning services are not required. Their normal schedule would be Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday during busy season and FCGC employees would perform the cleaning during the off days. President Radulski made a motion to approve and seconded by Member Michalczyk. All were in favor.

D. Purchase of Five New Computers. It was previously approved by the Board for the purchase of five new computers- three located behind the front counter, one at the bar, and one at the kitchen. There was a motion to formally approve by Member Picek and seconded by President Radulski. All were in favor.

E. Discussion about the National Pepsi Beverage Program. Pepsi Co is offering a five year agreement for the golf course’s exclusive purchase of Pepsi products. Included in this program are certain rebates which would be offered to the golf course by Pepsi Co. Additionally, Pepsi would install new dispenser and cooler equipment and/or provide maintenance to existing equipment as necessary. Pepsi Co would own the equipment. There was a question about the length of the last contract. Mr. Rosinia stated that it already existed when he started in calendar year 2000 and does not know when it officially ended. A pricing comparison with Coca Cola, Pepsi Co’s main competitor, was not done. Administrator Paul stated that she is fine with Board approval of this contract although she would prefer a shorter term- perhaps a two year agreement. Mr. Rosinia stated that Pepsi would likely be willing to offer a shorter term. President Radulski believes that a five year agreement is typical. The point was made that specific pricing (cost per unit) was not provided within the contract. President Radulski suggested tabling this item until additional research is conducted but doesn’t think it should be necessary for the Board to approve every vendor. Mr. Rosinia stated he is neutral toward either Coke or Pepsi, but the kids love Gatorade which is a Pepsi product although the Gatorade has not been purchased through this program due to a higher cost. This item has been tabled. President Radulski would like a complete contract presented to the Board for approval after the necessary research is done.

F. Rounds Report for January 2015. There were zero rounds in January. The Board approved the report.

G. Presentation of Financial Report as of January 2015. Both revenues and expenses are close to budget. President Radulski asked Mr. Drazner if he did straight line pro-rations for the budget numbers. Mr. Drazner stated that due to the cyclical nature, he does not do straight line across-the-board pro-rations but must rather look at the individual accounts. Administrator Paul inquired about depreciation and FD Drazner stated that the balance in the report is the amount from the 10/1 transition date. This will be adjusted at fiscal year end. Member Michalczyk made a motion to approve the financial report and President Radulski seconded. All were in favor.

H. Donation Requests. There were three donation requests. The Board approved a $115 discount card for The Leadershop and One for the Kids organizations. The Board declined the donation request to the Lockport Park District Annual Candlelight Bowling Fundraiser.

I. Staff Report. Mr. Davis stated he was very close to finishing up his wintertime tasks. Next week he will be attending a conference and trade show in San Antonio and thanked the Board for allowing him to attend. Mr. Rosinia thanked the City’s Public Works Department for assisting with some plumbing and heating issues.

J. Additional Items. Mr. Rosinia stated that 2008 was the last time fees were adjusted. He recommends that green fees only be increased $1.00 per round for residents and non-residents. After some discussion, the Board agreed on a $1.00 green fee increase. A motion to approve was made by Member Michalcyzk and seconded by President Radulski. Mr. Rosinia also brought up an issue regarding prices already quoted to leagues- it was agreed that the current green fees previously quoted would be honored.

Member Picek brought up the video gaming machines and received clarification that the type of machines that are often found situated on a bar counter are not the same type of video gaming machines that actually pay out money.


There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 8:10p and moved into executive session.

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Dated Mark Radulski, President