TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 03, 2015 – 7:15 PM

1. Roll Call Members:

Mr. Richard Fullmer, Jr. (Chairman) Mr. Robert Lube

Ms. Tina Grotzke Mr. Mark Benson

Mr. Crecencio Gonzalez Mr. Marco Gutierrez

Mr. Michael Anderson

Mr. Marco Gutierrez


A. Roll Call

B. Approval of Minutes: January 03, 2015

2. Chairman’s Comments

3. Continued Cases

4. Action Items

A. Case#18114_V- 5311 Catherine Ave. Continued case from the January 6th meeting. Requesting variance to Section 10-5-C5 to reduce the side yard setback and increase the F.A.R. to construct a 2nd story addition.

B. Public Hearing-Case# 18207_SU- 6007 S. Lagrange. A public hearing for a text amendment to P.U.D. Ordinance 12-75-O. Requesting to grant a special use to Lot 3b for a drive thru; outdoor dining and to grant variances from the City Center Design Standards and Zoning Code to permit site plan approval for a proposed Chick Fil-A restaurant.

5. Public Comment

6. Other Business

7. Adjournment





Acting Chairman Robert Lube called the meeting to order at 7:15 p.m. Secretary Grotzke called the Roll of Members physically present:

PRESENT: Chairman Richard Fullmer, Jr.,(arrived 8:42) Secretary Robert Lube, Mr. Michael Anderson, Mr. Marco Gutierrez

Ms. Tina Grotzke, Mr. Mark Benson, Mr. Bryon Bednar.

ABSENT: Mr. Chris Gonzalez.

ALSO PRESENT: City Admin. Ms. Paul, Atty. Stein, Zoning Admin. Ms ClarkeMr. Greg Orput, Orput Companies, Mr. Jason Hill, Chick fil-A and Mr. Tim Reber, Woolpert Engineering.


The first order of business was approval of the minutes of the January 6, 2015 meeting. Mr. Bednar moved to approve the minutes as presented, seconded by Mr. Benson and carried unanimously.


Acting Chairman Lube stated that this case is continued from the January 6, 2015 meeting requesting a variance to Section 10-5-C5 to reduce the side yard setback and increase the F.A.R. to construct a second story addition. The question of the basement being more than half way above ground would increase the square footage.

Ms. Clarke stated that the applicant submitted revised plans included in the Board packet. They decided to reduce the height of the basement ceiling so that per the Building Code it would not be considered habitable – which is 6’8. A seven-foot ceiling Is considered habitable. They also agreed to sign an affidavit that they would not build out the basement. The basement wall is still 50% above grade; that makes its F.A.R. of 2,845 s.f. from the maximum allowed 1,872 s.f. The affidavit would be recorded against the property so that future buyers are aware of the restriction. Mr. Stein stated that the language may be incorporated into the ordinance giving future homeowners notice and binding them to the same requirements.

Mr. Gutierrez pointed out that at 6’8, the City would not provide a permit to legally build out the basement. Ms. Grotzke believes it meets the requirements; Mr. Bednar agreed. Mr. Benson asked about requirements for an egress window. Ms. Clarke noted that they must provide an egress window for the basement. The AC is required to be at the rear of the building, not on the side. There were no other questions from Board members. The driveway will remain as is; they are not required to do any other storm water detention. Mr. Gutierrez moved to close the evidentiary portion of the hearing, seconded by Mr. Benson and carried by unanimous voice vote.

Mr. Lube moved to approve case # 18114 as presented and amended, seconded by Mr. Bednar; motion carried by unanimous Roll Call vote – 6/0/1. This matter will come before the City Council at its Regular Meeting on February 25, 2015.


Acting Chairman Lube stated that this is a public hearing for a text amendment to P.U.D. Ordinance 12-75-O, requesting to grant a special use to Lot 3B for a drive-thru and outdoor dining patio and to grant variances from the City Center Design Standards and Zoning Code to permit site plan approval for a proposed Chick Fil-A restaurant. Motion and second were made to Open the Public Hearing in this matter; motion carried by voice vote. The applicant, Greg Orput, was sworn in by Chairman Lube.

Ms. Clarke made the Staff presentation: This is the last lot in the City Center, Lot 3B. Chick-fil-A proposes to open a restaurant on that property using dual drive-thru lanes, which is a special use, and an outdoor dining area, also requiring a special use. They also request several variances in order to meet their look for the facility and to blend in with the shopping center. Their current Willowbrook location has a similar design. Specific variance requests include: the dual drive-thru – with two menu boards; the setback for that menu board is reduced. They will provide signage on all four sides of the building; it has high visibility — all consistent with design standards and compatible with the wall size. They are proposing a 30′ flagpole; the City standard is 15 feet. They will reduce the parking stall length from 20′ to 18′. They are working within a constrained site and seek to reduce perimeter landscaping requirements. They would like to use signature site furniture (patio furniture) rather than the furniture required in the City Design Standards. They also seek to reduce the front yard setback from 25′ to 23’6.

The City Center Design Standards is the guiding document; the shared parking is an asset to all the businesses within the City Center so overflow can be accommodated. Traffic is a concern; Chick fil-A has provided a traffic study at the City’s request. Mr. Fitzgerald has reviewed the document and did not voice any concerns about the drive-thru and the proposed traffic with existing uses. Detention has already been provided so it is not an issue. There is a dumpster area with an attached shed with a height of 9′. They are proposing LED lighting that will stand out from the standard lighting within the shopping center. Staff is recommending approval subject to all items outlined in the Zoning Administrator Plan Review letter dated 1-22-15 being addressed. They have made several changes that they will discuss. The aerial view of the lot is in Board members’ packet. Being a corner lot landscaping is very important; they have done a good job; all other materials requested are within the Design Standards.

Mr. Greg Orput, developer, has worked closely with the City to find various users for this site. He worked closely with the Economic Development Committee in negotiating a redevelopment agreement and bringing the Chick fil-A franchise into the picture. He provided an overview of Chick fil-A for Board members. There are 18 stores within the Chicagoland area and 1,850 locations in 41 states. Sales reached $5 billion nationally in 2013. They plan on hiring 70 FT and PT employees for this store. Lot 3B is the smallest site in the entire City Center, barely å_ acre. One of the difficulties with the site was parking; fortunately there is cross-access and easements for parking; it is a tight site, thus the reason for variances in the Design Standards. Orput Companies will develop the site, do all site improvements, utilities, etc. and offer a delivered pad to Chick fil-A.

Mr. Orput discussed the variances requested and emphasized the tightness of the parcel as the main reason for the various requests. He highlighted the variances – inclusion of a dual drive-thru with traffic flow through the site in a one-way direction; stacking is adequate. After the menu boards traffic goes down to one lane to the drive-thru windows – similar to McDonald’s and Taco Bell lanes. Next is the outdoor patio, again a special use for a 400 s.f. dining area with landscape buffering around it and isolated from the parking area. Next is the increased height of the flagpole; at 15 feet it is barely visible. They need a variance for a second menu board; signage will be discussed later in the presentation. A variance is needed to increase the height of the car canopy over the menu board; it must be at least 6’7 for a van to pass under the canopy. Minimum setback distance from the property line to the menu board – the City requires 20′ – they are requesting 8′ – with landscape buffering and a sidewalk separating the area. The majority of the building is set back at the proper distance -so reduction in the front yard setback affects the kids play area. They request a variance to reduce the length of parking stalls; 9×18′ is their national standard. He noted that similar size stalls are located at Hooters, Starbucks and Texas Road House – it’s fairly standard; parking is paramount to retailers. This is the basic landscape plan as drawn. He is happy to answer any questions. Mr. Jason Hill, Development Manager with Chick fil-A and Mr. Tim Reber with Woolpert Engineering, are also present on behalf of Chick fil-A and Orput Companies.

Mr. Orput turned to the Engineering Site Plan Layout, revealing one-way traffic going to the parking lot, drive-thru lanes, and two parking fields showing location of the dumpster; off-hour service is provided. Traffic may circulate north through the Starbucks parking or east through the N-S access way and onto LaGrange Road. The restaurant will be approximately 4,800 s.f. with seating for 100 inside and 16 outside. ADA compliance is met with van accessibility and one handicap spot. They should be grandfathered into the MWRD detention plans. A total of 30 parking spaces are available on the site. The main entry is to the north close to the drive-thru. The kids play area is a fairly common feature of many stores. The patio area and sidewalk will connect to the current sidewalk along LaGrange Road; four tabletops with umbrellas will be located in the area along with two more table tops. The concrete will be stamped with a herringbone pattern that looks like brick; there will be landscaping along three sides with a railing.

Elevations were previously submitted; everything is face brick, four-sided building. It is a stone shale veneer, similar to the pylon sign with two types of face brick; canopies are integrated into the south fa̤ade. Towers are incorporated to give the building some height and distinct features. Landscaping on the southern fa̤ade shows 8′ high evergreens and cypress to help soften the south elevation against the driveway. Exterior building materials are all modular stacked stone – a 100% masonry building with metal coping and canopies above the windows. They are seeking four-sided signage, typical in a development like this especially for an out-building. Lighting consists of internally-lit LED on channels done tastefully to scale. Mr. Orput discussed the drive-thru metal pylons, the menu boards and canopy. The single-panel monument sign meets Code requirements. Signage is limited to two times the linear frontage of the building, per Ms. Clarke.

Mr. Lube suggested a railing to restrict foot traffic into the store. He noted that the patio area is right alongside the driveway; he suggested bollards be erected there as a safety measure for outdoor diners. Mr. Orput noted that a 6 barrier curb along with a wrought iron fence along the patio with landscaping also serves as a deterrent. Suggestion made to incorporate the bollards into the wrought iron fencing. Discussion re: dense shrubbery along the landscape area adjacent to the parking lot and drive thru lane; Board members are concerned that customers will try to take short cuts through the driveway area rather than walking around to enter the building through the entrance.

Ms. Clarke stated that in speaking with Mr. Orput re: pedestrian activity – they discussed eliminating landscaping and making that a walking path – in an attempt to find alternative ways in getting people from the parking lot to the front door. Mr. Lube stated that the safest method is to eliminate one parking space, fenced on both sides and listed as the designated walk-through. Shrubbery alone is not enough of a deterrent unless coupled with a wrought iron fence with bollards incorporated therein. The patio furniture is bolted to the concrete and locked up in winter. Question re: two trash compactors and storage area -one for garbage and one for recycling. Mr. Hill-the storage area houses equipment to keep the patio area clean; promotional items are also stored therein. The enclosure is all brick to match the building – a CMU wall and face brick with a flat roof. The location is easily accessible by the disposal company. Ms. Clarke noted language in the Code that limits the height to 6′, however, this is unique because it encompasses the storage building. Regarding flagpole height, Mr. Lube questioned the height of the Willowbrook store; he noted that the flagpole would be higher than any other signs within the City Center. He would compromise to 20′ height – 30′ is excessive. Other board members agreed. The building height is 24’3. Mr. Benson suggested moving the flagpole; discussion re: location of flagpole. Mr. Lube stated that LED lighting is the wave of the future due to cost savings and maintenance. The white light is glaring; he prefers the softer look. They will investigate the quality of exterior lighting in warmer tones – LED in the yellow spectrum. Lot 3B is the final lot and it will look different than the rest of the City Center; Council should be aware of that.

Additional variances are requested for the perimeter landscape area to get additional space for the extra menu board for the dual drive-thru. The bench is included to match the patio furniture – their national brand. The bicycle rack is in the site plan next to the entryway. (Chairman Fullmer entered the meeting room at 8:42 p.m.)

Acting Chairman Lube invited interested persons to comment on the proposal. Mr. Michael Thiakos was sworn in by Acting Chairman Lube. He stated that there is a huge amount of traffic from the Starbucks drive-thru that backs up the area. He believes it will interfere with the Chick fil-A traffic where drivers will need to make a hard right. It is a balancing act – safety of pedestrians versus normal traffic within the complex. He stated there is limited parking for the Starbucks. Cross-parking is for the entire center; the whole idea is to have residents park and walk wherever they wish to go. Mr. Thiakos stated it is an insurance issue re: slip and fall – people walking in either lot to get away from traffic. Atty. Stein stated that this is a parking lot that serves the entire center. Mr. Thiakos stated that Starbucks has title to the parking lot even though a reciprocal easement agreement exists; every business carries its own insurance. As an owner he wishes to limit the amount of traffic unrelated to Starbucks.

Chick fil-A has the proper amount of stacking. Mr. Orput suggested that Starbucks change their stacking order to avoid the conflict and keep traffic from blocking the intersection – back them up into the other lane – change the direction to keep the area open. Mr. Reber addressed the stacking issue – due to the tightness of the site the configuration was studied at length. The drive-thru must line up with the building; if the building is moved, all the parking on the north side will be lost.

Acting Chairman Lube stated that his concern is duly noted. Mr. Thiakos believes there is a better alternative as far as traffic flow and now is the time to address it. Ms. Clarke stated that the Harley lot is under-utilized; she is attempting to find ways to attract more users, perhaps with better sidewalks, to encourage the use of the lot. Ms. Antulla Thiakos was sworn in by Acting Chairman Lube. She stated that the parking lot directly east of the area is hardly used. Residents should be urged to park there and walk over to Starbucks and/or Chick fil-A. The Starbucks lot is so congested most of the time. The overflow parking lot for Hooters and Harley does not get used; patrons should be encouraged to use that lot. Ms. Paul stated that originally the parking lot north of the Harley lot was meant to be public parking so Harley employees could utilize it; that land is owned by the association. There were no other comments from the Board or from interested parties. Ms. Grotzke moved to close the evidentiary portion of the hearing, seconded by Mr. Bednar and carried by unanimous voice vote.

Atty. Stein stated that the motion for special uses and variances at 6007 S. LaGrange Road is made with the following conditions: 1) the addition of shrubbery between the parking lot and the east side of the structure to prevent customers from walking through that area; 2) the addition of bollards to the outdoor patio area, placed at the north and east ends, as a safety measure; 3) the flagpole is allowed at a height of 20′ as opposed to 30′ originally planned; 4) approve the LED lighting system within the yellow spectrum to more closely match the existing area lighting. Ms. Grotzke moved to approve Case # 18207 using the motion language stated above, seconded by Mr. Gutierrez and carried by Roll Call vote – 6/0/1. This matter will come before the City Council at its Regular Meeting on 2-25-15. Acting Chairman Lube thanked the parties for their fine presentation.

Other Business

Ms. Clarke stated that there are three applications for the March meeting – Shell Gas Station renovation – several variances are requested due to the taking of property from IDOT. Phelan Dodge will expand their facility — building and landscaping. Finally a small variance within the Dansher Park Development. A special meeting is scheduled for next Tuesday, February 10, 2015 to hear a request to permit a massage therapist. Ultra Nutrition has relocated to 19 W. Plainfield. A new business license application was received for Russell’s Bar-B-Que. Discussion re: the e-cigarette store listed as a tobacco store. The City Council amended the Code to redefine the definition of smoke and smoking to including e-cigarettes.


There being no further business to discuss, Mr. Benson moved to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Ms. Grotzke and carried by unanimous voice vote.

Chairman Lube declared the meeting adjourned at 9:07 p.m.