Wednesday, January 21, 2015 7:00 P.M. Pleasant Dale Park District

1. Call meeting to order.

2. Roll call.

Mark Radulski

Kevin Burke

Tom Michalczyk

Bob Picek

John Von Drasek

3. Additions/Corrections to the Agenda

4. Comments from the Public.

5. Consent Agenda – The consent agenda will be approves with one motion. If there is a question or concern regarding an item on the consent agenda, board members can either call Billy, Matt or Sharon prior to the meeting or request that the specific item be removed from the consent agenda and be voted on separately.

A. Approval of the Regular Meeting Minutes from December 17, 2014.

B. Review of the Paid Bills Report for the Period of December 1 – December 31, 2014.

6. New Business

A. Discussion on Employee Complimentary Golf Policy.

B. Discussion on Video Gaming at Flagg Creek Golf Course.

C. Rounds Report for December.

D. Presentation of Financial Report for the Period Ended December 31, 2014.

E. Donation Requests.

F. Accessibility Audit.

G. Staff Reports.

H. Other.

7. Additional Items.

8. Adjournment




January 21, 2015 7:00 PM


The Flagg Creek Administrative Board Meeting was called to order at 7:00pm.


Upon roll call the following were present:

Mark Radulski, President

Kevin Burke, Board Member

Tom Michalczyk, Board Member

Bob Picek, Board Member

John Von Drasek, Board Member

Also present:

Mayor Ed Krzeminski

Gail Paul, City Administrator

Sharon Peterson, Assistant City Administrator

Steve Drazner, Finance Director

Doug Davis, Golf Course Superintendent




Board Member Burke made a motion, seconded by Member Michalczyk to appoint Mark Radulski as the President of the Board. Motion passed unanimously.




A. Approval of the Regular Meeting Minutes from December 17, 2014.

B. Review of the Paid Bills Report for the Period of December 1 – December 31, 2014.

Board Member Michalczyk had a question regarding the natural gas bills. The amounts of the invoices were great, much better than past years. The initial investment was high to go the natural gas route, but this has helped save a lot of money. Member Von Drasek made a motion and seconded by Member Picek to approve the minutes and the paid bills report under the consent agenda. Motion passed unanimously.


A. Discussion on Employee Complimentary Golf Policy. President Radulski opened the discussion by giving a brief overview on the history of the Employee Complimentary Golf Policy. City Administrator Paul presented the Board with a spreadsheet of all the complimentary golf given out in 2014; this included Birthday Rounds, PGA Rounds, Promotional Rounds and Employee Rounds. Ms. Paul reviewed the report with the Board and said that for 2014; the Employee Rounds of Golf was comparable to the amount of hours worked. The City also conducted a survey on other 9-hole golf courses, and those courses also give their part-time employee’s one free round of golf per shift worked. It is Ms. Paul’s recommendation that the part-time employees receive one free round of golf per shift worked. Discussion ensued and the Board was in agreement that the employee would work a minimum of two shifts in order to receive the complimentary round of golf, and that no more than two free rounds of golf would be given out per employee, per week. This does not include weekends, and the round can’t be carried over from week to week. If an employee is scheduled to work and their shift is cancelled due to inclement weather, they will still be entitled to the complimentary round of golf.

The Board also reviewed the Complimentary Golf Rounds that are given out during the year that are at the discretion of the Golf Course Manager. Currently the players in the leagues are receiving a free round of golf; it is recommended that this be discontinued. Sue Smith spoke up and said that this is an incentive given to all the league players. In February or March, the Leagues sign up for the season, and they prepay for 15 rounds of golf. The incentive for the free round is if that if they play 19 rounds, we give them a free round of golf for sticking around. President Radulski asked if this is rung up as a promotional round. It was determined that more information was needed from the Golf Course Manager and this item would be discussed further at the February meeting.

It was determined that on a go forward basis, all monthly reports for the complimentary golf (Birthday Rounds, General Manager Promotional Rounds, PGA Rounds, and Employee Rounds) would be included in the packet for the Advisory Board. The reports will be accompanied by a staff report from the General Manger (similar to the Donation Requests) explaining each complimentary round given out and why the complimentary round was given out. Board Member Von Drasek thanked Administrator Paul for her thorough analysis of this, and thanked her for bringing this to the Boards attention. These are the things we really need to delve into when brought to the Board’s attention. Board Member Picek said that at the December meeting, it was determined that there would be no Employee Complimentary golf on the weekends, but what if there is a lull in the day. After discussion, it was determined that the policy would stay as is, with no Employee Complimentary golf on the weekends.

B. Discussion on Video Gaming at Flagg Creek Golf Course. At the December meeting, staff was directed to further investigate this topic and to visit the City of Blue Island’s golf course to see how their video gaming is handled. Assistant Administrator Peterson updated the Board on the outcome and answered several questions that were raised, such as high school standings, children in the club house, hours of operation, and commitment. After discussion, staff was directed to bring this item to both the City of Countryside City Council for final approval and the Pleasant Dale Park District Board for final approval. Once approved by both parties, staff may move forward with discussions with gaming companies.

C. Rounds Report for December. The Board reviewed the rounds report for December, which was surprisingly a good month; the Board was impressed with the rounds for December.

D. Financial Report for the Period Ending December 31. Finance Director Drazner presented the December Financial Report; the revenues were a little low for the month.

E. Donation Requests. None.

F. Accessibility Audit. This item was tabled to the February meeting, when Executive Director Russian will present it.

G. Staff Reports. Golf Course Superintendent Davis discussed his weekly meetings with Assistant Administrator Peterson and how helpful they have been. He also has recently met with both the City Administrator and Assistant Administrator as well; this was a very productive meeting. The Public Works Department and Mr. Essig are top notch.

H. Other. Finance Director Drazner updated the Board on the new server that was installed at the Golf Course. Mr. Drazner also updated the Board on the need to purchase five new computers for the Golf Course. This item will be on the February agenda for a formal vote.




There being no further recreation business, the meeting adjourned at 8:05pm.

_____________________________ __________________________

Dated Mark Radulski, President