Agenda not available… see minutes.


1. After the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag, Mayor LeGant called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. City Clerk Herberts called the roll which was as follows:

PRESENT: Mayor Carl LeGant, Aldermen Robert Driscoll, Robert Conrad, Kenneth Kuehn, Michael Smetana, Ald. Krzeminski, Ald. Fajdich

ALSO PRESENT: City Clerk Herberts, City Treasurer Stoffels, City Attorneys
Robert & Erik Peck City Administrator Bailey, Police Chief D’Urso, City Engineer Fitzgerald, Deputy Chief Swanson, Deputy Treasurer Wenzel, Econ. Development Officer Muenzer, Police/Fire Bd. Members Welch, Straza, Pondelicek, Chamber President Bresnahan


2. Approval of Minutes of the Regular City Council Meeting of December 11, 2002.

3. Statement of Bills for the period ending December 23, 2002 and January 8, 2003.

4. Membership: International Institute of Municipal Clerks – Clerk’s Office – Cost: 4160.00.

5. Membership: Suburban Building Officials Conference – Building Department – Cost: $60.

6. Treasurer’s Report – November 30, 2002 (previously distributed).

7. Subscription: Building Department Administration Newsletter – Building Dept. Cost: $38.

8. Subscription: Building Department Digest – Building Dept. – Cost: $33.00.

9. Application for a general business license from J. NAILS, 5436 LaGrange Road. Type: Nail Salon. Applicant: Mimi Nguyen (new owner).

10. Application for a special use license from West Suburban Coin & Collectibles to hold shows at Park Place, 6200 Joliet Road on January 12, February 9, March 9, April 13, May 11, June 8, July 13, August 10, October 12, November 9 and December 14, 2003.

11. Subscription: Governing – Administration – Cost: $19.95.

12. Request from the Heartland Independent Veterans Inc., to solicit at various intersections on September 12-13, 2003.

13. Application for a general business license from Marquette Consumer Finance, LLC, 6406 Joliet Road, #208. Type: Office. Applicant: Michael J. Sherlock.

14. Application for a general registration from LaGrange Periodontics, LTD., 475 W. 55th St., #201. Type: Dental office. Applicant: Michelle Jennings, DDS.

15. Application for a general business license from TACO TACO, 5538 LaGrange Road. Type: Carry out restaurant. Applicant: Emily Kaiz (new owner).

16. Application for a general business license from Countryside Shell 2, 6101 LaGrange Road. Type: Filling station and retail sales. Applicant: Issmaeil Mokhtarpour.

17. Ald. Smetana moved, seconded by Ald. Kuehn, to approve the Omnibus Agenda as presented. Motion carried by voice vote. Ald. Fajdich abstained.


18. Two additions to the Agenda were noted by Ald. Fajdich and Ald. Krzeminski.


19. Mayor LeGant presented Service Awards to Deputy Chief Tim Swanson for 20 years of service and to Karl Rodey for 15 years of service in the Police Department. He presented both gentlemen with a token of appreciation from the entire City Council.

20. Mayor LeGant read a letter of resignation from Police Chief Charles D’Urso; effective at the end of the month. Chief D’Urso has spent 32 years with the City Police Department, the last ten years as Chief of Police. The City deeply regrets this decision but realizes that it is inevitable.

21. Mayor LeGant sought Council confirmation for the annual appointment of a third board member, Martin Sweeney to the Flagg Creek Golf Course Board. Ald. Krzeminski and Ald. Kuehn are current members of the Administrative Board. Ald. Smetana moved, seconded by Ald. Krzeminski, to confirm the appointment of Martin Sweeney. Motion carried by Roll Call vote. Ald. Kuehn opposed the motion 5/1/0.

22. Mayor LeGant administered the Oath of Office to Martin Sweeney as a member of the Flagg Creek Golf Course Administrative Board.


23. Virginia Havlicek, 5947 Kensington, asked what plans the City has for the lot at the end of the block that was purchased by the City. Mayor LeGant noted the acute shortage of parking; the lot is adjacent to the park. The City may use the building as headquarters for the Recreation Department or raze the building to provide additional parking. John Peshek, 741Longview, read that negotiations with Cook County re: Brainard Ave. improvements were dropped due to lack of response by the City. John VonDrasek, 6726 Lorraine Drive also referred to the same article in Suburban Life. Traffic is bottled up; the County wants to resurface. Mayor LeGant stated that many factors are involved in this decision, notably location and cost of the sidewalk (bike trail). The issue is still under consideration.

24. Mr. John Walsh, 9800 Joliet Road, 4S, Country Club Mobile Home Park, discussed the serious housing shortage existing in this state particularly for low income citizens. He discussed various aspects of the mobile home law, which are not being enforced by the City of Countryside. There are approximately 600 residents in the area who provide tax revenue to the City. Residents have a multitude of concerns including increased rental charges, especially to senior citizens, and are appealing to the City for help in this matter. He introduced Terri Nelson, President of Manufactured Home Owners Assn. Of Illinois. She provided further information both on the federal and state levels. She noted that Senate Bill 70 is not working; development companies are raising rates tremendously. She requested that the City write to the General Assembly as other Cities have done to address these concerns. Major problems exist in Country Club Mobile Home Park; the City should investigate numerous Code violations; nothing has been done to help residents. Mr. Walsh cited several examples of flagrant violations by the landlords. Countryside is not enforcing any of the new laws passed by the General Assembly. Elderly residents do nothing for fear of threats of eviction. Local governments must enforce these laws. They distributed copies to Council. Mr. Peck stated that the mobile home park has conformed to the City’s minimum standards. Mr. Walsh asked for copies of the site plans. He is interested in codes for street size, fire lanes, pot hole repairs and a host of other problems. Residents are very concerned; he provided a Resolution for City adoption. The residents will provide a list of major problems, drainage, sewers, fire hydrants, falling limbs, etc. Mayor LeGant offered the use of the second floor for Country Club Mobile Home owners to discuss and provide a list of these problems to the City. Mr. Walsh thanked the Council for its attention.


25. POLICE COMMITTEE, ALDERMAN CONRAD, CHAIRMAN, presented the request of the Police Commissioners to implement a policy to require reimbursement to the City by police officers for equipment and supplies purchased. Ald. Krzeminski stated that the letter from Peck & Associates spells out the details very clearly. Ald. Conrad moved, seconded by Ald. Kuehn to adopt the Ordinance for new appointees. Mr. Peck stated that the Council use its Home Rule powers to adopt an ordinance which authorizes the Police/Fire Commissioners to implement a program for reimbursement of new appointees who leave the City’s service within three years for other law enforcement employment, pro rata, for training and equipment provided by the City. If they leave within the first year, reimburse the City completely; if after the first year by 2/3, after the second year by 1/3, and after three years no reimbursement. Motion carried by unanimous voice vote.

Clerk Herberts declared that this will be known as ORDINANCE 03-01-O.

26. ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT – ALDERMAN CONRAD, CHAIRMAN, presented the request from the Community Development Officer Muenzer to attend the National APA Conference in Denver, CO from March 31-April 2, 2003. The estimated expenses are $1,362. Ald. Conrad moved, seconded by Ald. Kuehn, to approve the expenditure. Motion carried by unanimous voice vote.

27. STREETS & ALLEYS COMMITTEE – ALDERMAN SMETANA, CHAIRMAN, asked for approval to conduct a noise level study in Dansher Park not to exceed $2,000. He did not receive that approval at this time. He will continue to work on this problem.

28. WATER COMMITTEE, ALDERMAN KRZEMINSKI, CHAIRMAN, presented the request of Water Dept. Supervisor Anderson to attend the 2003 AWWA meeting in Springfield, IL from March 18-21, 2003. Ald. Krzeminski moved, seconded by Ald. Conrad, to approve the attendance. Motion carried by unanimous voice vote.

29. Ald. Krzeminski advised that the Flagg Creek Golf Course Board will have a continued meeting tomorrow evening to discuss the budget. Ald. Krzeminski moved to refer the approved budget to the Finance Committee immediately. Council agreed.

30. BUILDING COMMITTEE, ALDERMAN FAJDICH, CHAIRMAN, reported that during the month of November, 31 building permits were issued at $16,807; 12 free permits were also issued. During the month of December, 21 permits were issued at $4,492; two free permits issued.


31. City Attorney Peck provided the second reading of Rules for City Council voting procedures. Ald. Kuehn moved, seconded by Ald. Fajdich, to adopt the second reading as written for transaction of City business. Motion carried by Roll Call vote. Ald. Krzeminski opposed – 5/1/0.

Clerk Herberts declared that this will be known as ORDINANCE 03-02-O.

32. Attorney Peck presented the recommendation of the Plan Commission/Zoning Board of Appeals to operate and maintain a truck sales and service, new and used, in an enclosed building, except that an outdoor sales lot may be permitted as an accessory use to new truck display or sales not exceeding 3 tons, to Advantage Chevrolet, 6420 Joliet Road, to make the sale of trucks a special use within the B-1 zoning district. Ald. Kuehn moved, seconded by Ald. Krzeminski, to concur with the recommendation of the PC/ZBA and authorize the attorney to prepare the ordinance which would amend the zoning code and grant the special use. Motion carried by unanimous voice vote.

33. Mr. Peck presented the recommendation of the PC/ZBA on the application of Home Depot to grant a special use to amend the special use in connection with Countryside Plaza Planned Development. The meeting on this matter was held last evening; the recommendation was to grant the special use variation on the free-standing sign to Home Depot for the construction and operation of a store subject to certain conditions (see written report). Ald. Kuehn moved, seconded by Ald. Driscoll, to concur with the recommendation of the PC/ZBA. Representatives from Home Depot appealed to the Council regarding height restrictions for signage. Council concurred with the PC/ZBA and denied the sign request. Motion carried by unanimous Roll Call vote.

Clerk Herberts declared that this will be known as ORDINANCE 03-03-O.

34. Attorney Peck presented the first reading of a proposed ordinance incorporating the Illinois Law Enforcement Alarm System for Region IV into a Mutual Aid Agreement similar to the ones the City has with the Public Works and Building Departments. This was brought to his attention by Deputy Chief Swanson. Mr. Peck asked Council to review the language and add this matter to the agenda for the next Council meeting.


35. City Administrator Bailey presented the invoice from Parsons Transportation Group in the amount of $11,043.52 in connection with the Noise Wall Project, Phase I and II. Ald. Krzeminski moved, seconded by Ald. Smetana, to approve payment. Motion carried by unanimous voice vote.


36. City Engineer Fitzgerald has nothing new to report. He stated that survey work is taking place for the pumphouse controls; that should be completed in 4-6 weeks.


37. Steve Kehr, 5609 Gilbert, seeks assistance with flood plain complaints; two years ago FEMA put his property into the flood plain. He was never originally in the flood plain and should not be included. Mr. Fitzgerald reiterated the history of the flood plain mapping, which hopefully may be completed by year end. Mr. Kehr stated that he must pay $1,900 in additional flood plain insurance per his mortgage company. Mr. Fitzgerald stated that FEMA maps were revised. The city has no alternative but to await their review and comment.


38. There being no further business to discuss, Ald. Kuehn moved, seconded by Ald. Smetana, to adjourn to Executive Session for the purpose of discussing personnel. Motion carried by unanimous Roll Call vote.

Mayor LeGant declared the meeting adjourned at 9:25 p.m.