Wednesday, June 12, 2013 – 6:00 p.m.

Chamber Room – Countryside City Hall


I. Call to order.

II. Roll Call:

Ald. Sean McDermott, Chairman

Ald. James Jasinski

Ald. Bob Pondelicek

Treasurer Steven Jasinski

Adm. Gail Paul

III. Approval of Minutes – April 30, 2013 meeting minutes.

IV. Presentation by Countryside Development Partners Requesting that T-Mobile be a permitted tenant in the multi-tenant building on Lot 3A.

V. Update from Oak Lane Development regarding 5631 LaGrange Road (old hotel site).

VI. Presentation by Christopher Schramko of Schramko Real Estate for a TitleMax business at 5321 La Grange Road.

VII. Update regarding Countryside Plaza’s parking lot and ingress/egress.

VIII. Other Business.

IX. Adjourn to Executive Session for the purpose of discussing Real Estate, under Sec. 2Ac; and the review of EDC Executive Session minutes of 4/30/13, under Sec. 21c.

X. Reconvene to open session to approve the Executive Session Minutes of the EDC for: 4/30/13.

XI. Adjourn.


Wednesday, June 12, 2013.

Council Chambers – Countryside City Hall

Ald. Sean McDermott, Chairman, called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m. He called the Roll of those physically present:

PRESENT:Ald. Sean McDermott, Chairman, City Admin. Gail Paul, Ald. Robert Pondelicek, Ald. James Jasinski, Treasurer Steven Jasinski.

Also Present:Clerk Sweeney, Ald. Michalczyk, Ald. Musillami, Ald. Von Drasek, City Atty. Peck. Asst. Admin. Peterson, EDC Swanson.

Chairman McDermott sought approval for the Regular Minutes of April 30, 2013. Treas. Jasinski moved to approve the minutes as presented, seconded by Ald. Jasinski, and carried by unanimous voice vote.

Presentation by Countryside Development Partners Requesting thatT Mobile be a permitted tenant in the multi-tenant building on Lot 3A.

Andrew Goodman, Shorewood Development, stated that the buildings under construction in the City Center are Texas Roadhouse, Starbucks and The Vitamin Shoppe – they expect to turn over the property to the tenants in August. T Mobile is seeking to lease the middle space in Lot 3A, and if approved by the City Center will be open in the Fall of 2013 along with the other two businesses.

T Mobile is one of America’s largest wireless carriers; they recently merged with European-based Metro PCS, with annual revenues over $20 billion and over 35 million customers. They plan on having an Apple showroom quality concept store with live phones and interactive screens. Their nearest location is Willowbrook. They also have a display at the Walmart in Hodgkins. The new T Mobile will provide a streetscape quality store which will bring sales to the City. T Mobile features cutting edge products and a variety of service plans. The larger size showroom enables customers to sit with a rep in a private work area. The company supports outreach programs and local festivals; they will bring advanced products to a currently under-served market. Estimated projected sales are $850,000 per year; hours of operation are 10 am to 9 pm M-Sa and 12 pm to 6 pm Sunday; 4-5 employees in the store daily.

Ald. Michalczyk asked about the European connection – Ms. Vicki Samples, T Mobile rep, responded with Deutsche Telecom – Germany. The merger between T Mobile and AT&T is off the table. Ald. Jasinski asked about the existing Hodgkins Walmart T Mobile display. Ms. Samples stated that will remain as it does not cannibalize the customer base; different customers shop at each location. The T Mobile store will have professionally trained employees, while the T Mobile display has regular Walmart employees. The logo above the door is stationary and does not move or scroll. Ms. Paul asked about the total number of employees – probably 6-10 based on sales volume. Chairman McDermott thanked both individuals for their presentation.

Update from Oak Lane Development regarding 5631 LaGrange Road.

EDC Mr. Swanson has contacted Mike Casper who had a 90-day MOU re: the above property. Mid America Real Estate of Oak Brook took the property to the ICSC Conference in Las Vegas; they were unable to come up with any proposed uses for the site. High-end sales tax users suggested that the site would be more desirable if the intersection of 57th & LaGrange Road was signalized – that was imperative to development. The City had a traffic study done 2-3 years ago. Ms. Peterson did some research and spoke to the engineer who stated that a light wasn’t warranted at that intersection. Ms. Paul stated that the end users for the lot are needed to determine the traffic counts and whether or not a traffic light is warranted.

Presentation by Christopher Schramko of Schramko Real Estate for aTitlemax business at 5321 LaGrange Road.

Mr. Schramko, owner of the above property at the SE corner of Plainfield Road and LaGrange Road, provided a packet of information to the committee, including photos of various Titlemax stores. He stated that the stores provide loans to people who find themselves in unforeseen circumstances. The typical amount loaned is $4,000. They estimate the customer base from a 5-mile radius. The company employs 3,000 and serves 400,000 customers from 1,200 stores. Their top store is in Fairfax, Virginia where the average household income is $200,000. They have 5-6 full-time employees who handle 45-50 visits per day on average. Those are additional customers coming into the City for various purchases. They have no competition in the City; the use will fill an existing vacancy that will help the street. The location is not pedestrian-friendly; food tenants have turned down the site. This business will generate traffic, there is no refuse, no deliveries are involved and they will participate in the PILOT program. They will support the Concerts in the Park Program at the Silver level – which is $5,000 per season; this is a great opportunity to fill the 2,400 s.f. empty space with a willing tenant.

Treas. Jasinski asked about lease terms – it is a 5-year lease. Chrm. McDermott stated that the PILOT is based on the s.f. Ms. Paul stated that it is approximately $20,000 annually. Ald. McDermott thanked Mr. Schramko for the presentation.

Update re: Countryside Plaza’s parking lot and ingress/egress.

EDC Mr. Swanson spoke to Kevin Sims of the Simon Properties Group. Mr. Sims dealt with the original RDA involving fa̤ade changes, parking lot lights and the ingress/egress. The City acquired the necessary frontage for the ingress/egress but Simon Properties never finished the job; that was in 2007. The City extended the time period which went into 2008, but they never completed the project. Ms. Paul stated that the City paid for the property; he may be under the assumption that the City should start paying on the tax sharing agreement – that agreement involved a percentage to be due from all of the tenants; there has been almost a complete turnover of tenants. The City has no new data. The ingress/egress must be completed; does the City wish to consider participating in the cost of improvement. Ald. Michalczyk stated that Simon has done nothing for the past five years. Ms. Paul stated that they should be contacted to consider cost-sharing and to discuss a new agreement for the improvement. Ald. Von Drasek noted numerous complaints from residents. Mr. Swanson will contact Mr. Sims regarding same.

Other Business

EDC Mr. Swanson presented the committee with documents re: proposal for an animal hospital on the vacant lot next to Charter Fitness on 55th St. They propose a 19,000 s.f. building which will attract many customers to Countryside. Animal health care field is a very large component of people’s lives — a field underserved in this community. They plan a very well-coordinated project with excellent landscaping which should be a catalyst for the 55th St. Corridor and Ward 1.

There is the possibility of a swim school – located next to House of Color on 55th St. They will appear before the Plan Commission in August – they do not generate sales tax but will generate traffic to this underserved area.

Chairman McDermott sought a motion to adjourn to Executive Session under Section 2Ac of the Open Meetings Act to discuss real estate and Section 21c to review Executive Session minutes. Ald. Pondelicek moved to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Ald. Jasinski, carried by Roll Call vote.

Chairman McDermott declared the meeting recessed at 6:45 p.m.

* * * * *

The Regular meeting returned to Open Session with the same members present at 7:11 p.m.

Ald. Jasinski moved to approve the Executive Session minutes of 4-30-13 with the one correction noted, seconded by Ald. Pondelicek and carried unanimously.

Ald. Jasinski moved to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Ald. Pondelicek and carried by Roll Call vote.

Chairman McDermott declared the meeting adjourned at 7:12 p.m.