Wednesday, March 2, 2011 – 6:00 p.m.
Chamber Room

1. Call to Order & Roll Call: Committee Members: Chairman Jasinski, Ald. Michalczyk, Smetana; & Others Present.

2. Approval of the Minutes: January 25, 2011. (to be distributed prior to meeting)

3. Presentation of monthly Treasurer’s Report for period ended January 31, 2011.

4. Presentation of fiscal quarter-end January 31, 2011 Investment Report.

5. Consideration of a Resolution to renew membership for another three years with the Intergovernmental Personnel Benefit Cooperative (IPBC) and (subpool) for employee health insurance.

6. Discussion of the Fiscal Year 2012 Proposed budget for Other Funds.

7. Informational summary update on the Fiscal Year 2012 Proposed Budget for Corporate Fund.

8. Other Business.

9. Adjourn to Executive Session under Sec. 2Aa: salary schedules.

Not available at this time.