March 20, 2013


Flagg Creek Golf Course

6939 S. Wolf Road

Countryside, Illinois 60527


1. Call to Order

2. Roll Call

3. Additions/Corrections to the Agenda

4. Open Forum

5. Board Member Comments

6. Consent Agenda – Monthly Business (the consent agenda will be approved with one motion. If there is a question or concern regarding an item on the consent agenda, board members can either call Billy or Katherine prior to the meeting or request that the specific item be removed from the consent agenda and be voted on separately.)

A. Minutes

1. Regular Meeting 2/20/13 pg. 1-2

B. Voucher report for February 2013 pg. 3-5

7. Old Business

A. Preliminary Revenue and Rounds Report February pg. 6-12

B. P/L Report February pg. 13-18

C. Maintenance Barn Heating

D. Proposed Budget 2013/2014 pg. 19-26

E. Other

8. New Business

9. Reports (Staff reports are provided as information only. If you have specific questions regarding a staff report, please add it to the agenda at the beginning of the meeting under Additions/Corrections)

10. Additional Items

11. Adjournment

The Pleasant Dale Park District and the City of Countryside are subject to the requirements of the Americans with Disability Act of 1990. Individuals with disabilities who plan to attend this meeting and who require certain accommodations in order to allow them to observe and/or participate in this meeting, or have questions regarding the accessibility of the meeting, or the facilities, are requested to contact the ADA Coordinator at 630/662-6220 promptly to allow the Pleasant Dale Park District to make reasonable accommodations for those persons.

Minutes of the



March 20, 2013

7:00 pm

Flagg Creek Golf Course

6939 S. Wolf Road

Countryside, Illinois 60525

1. Board President Mark Radulski called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m.

2. In attendance were President Radulski, and Board members Wade Brewer, John Von Drasek and Tom Michalczyk. David Klapperich was unable to attend. Also in attendance were Golf Course employees Billy Rosinia, Doug Davis and Sue Smith

3. Rosinia asked that the topic of heating the maintenance building be added to the agenda. President Radulski asked that the distribution of the funds to the City of Countryside be added to the agenda.

4. During Open Forum, there were no public comments.

5. During Board member comments John Von Drasek commented on the tree trimming that was done near the 4th and 5th hole at the request of a resident. The resident was very pleased with the results.

6. Brewer moved to adopt the Consent Agenda; Radulski seconded and the motion passed unanimously by voice vote.

7. The board commented that February exceeded projection.

President Radulski stated that the proposed budget is in line with last year. Manager Rosinia talked about possible expenses i.e. purchasing carts, work in the parking lot etc.

Board member Von Drasek asked about the savings realized since tokens are no longer used at the driving range. The savings is significant and the customer enjoys the convenience of using their credit card and gift cards at the machine. Discussion followed.

Board member Michalczyk asked how the new alarm system was working. Manager Rosinia stated that the new system is working very well.

After further discussion Board member Michalczyk moved to approve the budget for 2013/2014. Board member Brewer seconded the motion. Roll call was unanimous.

President Radulski mentioned the proposal that was submitted for propane heat for the maintenance facility. Supt. Davis said that he contacted the Fire Dept. and they said it would be up to the City to approve the plans. Manager Rosinia stated that NiCor also came out and that he feels that gas would be cheaper in the long run. The line would come in from Joliet Road. Board member VonDrasek would like what the approximate savings would be to convert to gas from the current use of electric. He stated that the City does not feel there will be a problem getting a separate address for the buildings.

8. New Business. President Radulski proposed that if the Golf Course is not reimbursed for the over payment of funds that was made to the City of Countryside by April 1st it will be considered a loan and interest will be charged. He further stated that if the funds are not paid back the money owed would be subtracted from the current year payout with 6% interest added in. Board member Brewer 2nd the motion. Board member VonDrasek stated that it was his understanding that the lawyers from the City and the Park were negotiating and a payment is supposed to be made soon. Discussion followed. Roll call followed Board Members Radulski and Brewer voted aye with Board Members VonDrasek and Michalczyk nay. Motion did not pass.

9. Staff Reports. Manager Rosinia presented the Board members with hats that commemorate the 20th anniversary of the golf course.

10. Brewer moved to adjourn; Michalczyk seconded and the meeting adjourned at 8:00 p.m.

Submitted by Sue Smith acting Secretary