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May 30, 2012 6:30 PM


Meeting was called to order at 6:30 pm. Upon roll call the following were present:

Jim Jasinski, Chairman

Sean McDermott, Alderman

Bob Pondelicek, Alderman

Members Absent: None

Also present:

Mayor Ed Krzeminski

Karen Michalczyk, Alderman

Scott Musillami, Alderman

John Von Drasek, Alderman

Steve Jasinski

Sharon Sweeney, City Clerk

Sharon Peterson, Assistant City Administrator

Steve Drazner, Finance Director

Bryan Swanson, Community Development Planner

Marc LaCroix, CBA President

Russ Nicoletti, CBA Vice President

Carm Scarpace, Westfield Ford

Katie Goggin, Designer Event Chicago

Lauren Narducci, Helping Hand Center

Sandy Sulik, Young at Heart

Vicki Gumbiner

2. APPROVAL OF MINUTES – February 22, 2012 – upon motion made, the minutes were approved.


Assistant City Administrator Peterson presented the Committee with the status of the sponsorships for the summer concert series. The concerts will cost $21,695.00, the City has $25,000.00 budgeted for the event, and currently has $15,500.00 in sponsorships from businesses in the community. Ms. Peterson went on to explain that Westfield Ford has agreed to sponsor the city $10,000.00. There are a few options Westfield is offering:

  1. $8,000.00 donation and two scooters to raffle.
  2. $9,000.00 donation and one scooter to raffle.
  3. $10,000.00 donation only.

The scooter and how it has been handled in the past was discussed. In 2010, one scooter was raffled off and the proceeds went to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, in 2011, two scooters were raffled off and the proceeds went to the Y-Me Foundation. There was discussion on where the proceeds should go; it was recommended that the proceeds go to the Kelli Joy O’Laughlin Memorial Fund.

Lauren Narducci from Helping Hand Center was in attendance to present a recommendation on promoting the scooter raffle and keeping the proceeds local versus donating to a national foundation. Ms. Narducci suggested that local Not-for-Profits submit a form indicating their interest in receiving the proceeds. The form would be universal, developed by the City and each NFP would submit their request on this form. The form would also include how the donation money would be spent.

After discussion, it was determined that 50% of the proceeds would be donated to the Kelli Joy O’Laughlin Memorial Fund and 50% would be donated to a local NFP. The Committee also determined that they would like Westfield to donate $9,000.00 and one scooter to raffle off. Ms. Peterson will work on the raffle permit from the City.

Mayor Krzeminski suggested that the City purchase Countryside Summer Concert t-shirts to sell at the concerts. The t-shirts could be specific to 2012 and the theme of this year’s concerts. Ms. Peterson was directed to obtain pricing on t-shirts to sell at the 2012 summer concerts.


Marc LaCroix and Russ Nicoletti were present to provide an update on the CBA event for 2012. Mr. LaCroix explained to the Committee that due to the timing, the CBA would not be able to host a summer event for 2012. Mr. LaCroix asked the Committee to table this idea until 2013. The CBA is currently working on a carnival / summer event for 2013 and will also consult with Katie Goggin from Designer Event Chicago on the event. Mr. LaCroix said that the CBA would like to host a Harvest Fest this fall. The date of the event would be September 22, 2012 with a rain date of September 29, 2012. The CBA will present this event to the Recreation Committee at a future date.


Sandy Sulik from Young at Heart was present to discuss cooperative programming with the Countryside Recreation Department for Senior Citizen programs. After discussion, it was determined that the Recreation Department would work together with Young at Heart for Senior programming. Due to timeliness, a brief article will be put in the July newsletter, referring residents to Young at Heart’s website for more information on their programs. These programs will be listed in the Countryside Recreation on a go forward basis, beginning with the Fall 2012 Recreation guide.


Vicki Gumbiner was present to discuss her request to show a movie at Countryside Park. The movie is titled, Heist. Chairman Jasinski asked Ms. Gumbiner to explain to the Committee what type of movie this is. Ms. Gumbiner explained that the film is a historic documentary on regulation and on how things in America have changed. Ms. Gumbiner went on to explain that the film is not an entertainment film. Chairman Jasinski asked if it is a political documentary. Ms. Gumbiner said it is. Chairman Jasinski asked the City Attorney if this is the correct venue to be discussing a political film. The Recreation Committee would not be the appropriate avenue to discuss a political film and if it is allowed or not. After considerable discussion, it was determined that this would be considered a special event, and that the City Clerk’s office approves Special Events. Ms. Peterson will have Ms. Gumbiner work with the Clerk’s Office on the permit forms.

7. 10K RUN INQUIRY FOR 2013.

This item was tabled to the next meeting, because the individual organizing the event was not in attendance.


Community Development Planner Swanson provided the Committee a status update on the Community Garden. The residents who were interested in this project last year have not shown an interest thus far. Mr. Swanson has sent a few emails and made phone calls to the residents, with no response. Alderman McDermott moved to table the Community Garden because the residents in the area are not interested in pursuing it. Mayor Krzeminski suggested bringing this topic to the Beautification Committee. After discussion, Mr. Swanson was directed to send a certified letter to the resident indicating that by no response, the City will not move forward with the community garden project.


At the May 23, 2012 City Council meeting, a few residents had questions regarding the Recreation Department and its programs; specifically, the Ceramics Program and Fun in the Park. Ms. Peterson was directed to present a cost analysis of the Recreation Department from the past to present day. Ms. Peterson thanked Finance Director Steve Drazner for helping with the budget items requested for this project. Ms. Peterson presented the Committee with an analysis of all the programs from Fiscal Year 2006 to Fiscal Year 2012. The Countryside Ceramics class was not included in the budget prepared by Mr. Drazner, because the class was cancelled in September, 2004. Ms. Peterson provided a summary on why the Ceramics Program was cancelled in 2004.

Members of the Committee asked Chairman Jasinski to have a statement prepared for the next City Council meeting to address the questions raised. Alderman Von Drasek stated that Ms. Peterson and he worked very hard on bringing the Department out of the red and all the staff should be commended on their hard work in addressing these issues. Mayor Krzeminski asked about the cost of the Recreation Brochures. Ms. Peterson will email that information to the City Council. Treasurer Jasinski presented the Committee with a brief history of the revenues with the City when the economy was better, and the City had many car dealers, and no property taxes. At that time, the Recreation Department could continue to operate in a deficit, but that is not how it is now with the state of the economy. Alderman Musillami questioned where the rumors were coming from; how could residents say that the department was operating with a profit, when by looking at the budget numbers, the department was operating in a deficit.




There being no further recreation business, the meeting adjourned at 7:53 pm.

_____________________________ __________________________

Dated James Jasinski, Chair