TUESDAY, MAY 05, 2015 – 7:15 PM

I. Roll Call Members:

Mr. Richard Fullmer, Jr. (Chairman)

Mr. Robert Lube

Ms. Tina Grotzke

Mr. Mark Benson

Mr. Crecencio Gonzalez

Mr. Bryon Bednar

Mr. Michael Anderson

Mr. Marco Gutierrez


A. Roll Call

B. Approval of Minutes: April 14, 2015

II. Chairman’s Comments

III. Action Items

a. Public Hearing-Case# 18346_SU-1418 W. 55th Street- A public hearing published in the Chicago Tribune to grant a text amendment to special use ordinance 11-50-O to permit the existing doggie daycare at 1404-146 W. 55th Street to also occupy the remaining vacant unit at 1418 W. 55th Street and to permit a second outdoor fenced dog run.

IV. Public Comment

V. Other Business

VI. Adjournment





Chairman Fullmer called the meeting to order at 7:15 p.m. Secretary Lube called the Roll of Members physically present:

PRESENT: Chairman Richard Fullmer, Jr., Secretary Robert Lube,

Mr. Michael Anderson, Mr. Marco Gutierrez, Ms. Tina Grotzke,

Mr. Mark Benson, Mr. Crecencio Gonzalez IV, Mr. Bryon Bednar

ALSO PRESENT: Atty. Peck, Zoning Admin. Ms. Clarke.


The first order of business was approval of the minutes of the April 14, 2015 meeting. Mr. Gonzalez moved to approve the minutes as presented, seconded by Mr. Lube and carried by unanimous voice vote.

Chairman Fullmer stated the Rules of Proceeding for the hearing before the Plan Commission – Zoning Board of Appeals will follow a strict order of presentation. A sign-in sheet for interested persons is located at the podium. This hearing is being recorded. Please silence all cell phones and pagers.

Public Hearing Cast # 18346 SU – 1418 W. 55THStreet

Chairman Fullmer read the Public Hearing Notice published in the Chicago Tribune to grant a text amendment to special use ordinance 11-50-O to permit the existing doggie daycare at 1404-1406 W. 55thStreet to also occupy the remaining vacant unit at 1418 W. 55thStreet and to permit a second outdoor fenced dog run.

Mr. Benson moved to open the Public Hearing in this matter, seconded by Mr. Anderson and carried by unanimous voice vote. The Applicant, Ms. Kathy Deets, was sworn in by Chairman Fullmer. Proofs of Notice have been received by the Building Department.

ZA Ms. Clarke made the Staff presentation: In 2003 Ms. Deets came before this Board requesting a special use for the dog grooming and dog/cat rescue shelter, which was granted. Another opportunity has become available to expand the existing dog daycare program. The space directly west of the existing dog daycare has been vacant since April 2013. Ms. Deets plans to connect the two spaces with an internal doorway allowing dogs to be moved from one space to the other without bringing them outside. With more dogs on site the applicant requests an additional dog run, 11′ x 25′ long located in the back next to the existing dog run.

Parking is a concern but the nature of her business is customers dropping off and picking up animals; peak times for the daycare are 7-8 am and 4-5 pm. Employees park in the rear. The proposed dog run would eliminate three parking stalls, however, there will be provisions made to include additional parking stalls elsewhere on the site. That variance may not be necessary. The vacant store is 2,300 s.f. An aerial view of the property was provided and reviewed; discussion ensued re: appropriate dumpster location and striping of the three new parking stalls in the grassy area in the rear. There is also a public right of way called North East Court. The facility is bordered by residential on the north and commercial on the east, west and south.

Ms. Clarke noted that per the floor plan special flooring will be installed. There are no outstanding issues except bathroom expansion to accommodate male and female facilities. She provided the floor plan for the existing facility; the new facility will be the same as the current facility. Exterior photos and the inside dog run were displayed and discussed; location of the dumpster was also discussed at length. The dumpster should not occupy a parking stall. There were no complaints to the Building Department nor did any residents attend tonight’s hearing.

Staff recommends approving expansion of the dog daycare and the second dog run; neither will be injurious to the use and enjoyment of the neighborhood nor endanger public safety. Ms. Deets stated that there is a retail component which sells dog food, dog treats, toys, collars, leashes – they do a few hundred thousand dollars in business. Ms. Deets made no statement. Mr. Lube discussed the two handicapped parking stalls, one in the middle of the building and one on the end, which are not properly marked on the pavement, only on the building. Also, there is no legal sign present; the posted sign is obsolete and shows the fine as $50 – current fee is $350. This is not a legal handicap parking spot; it has no depressed curb in the end location. Mr. Lube would like to see three handicap parking stalls in the front 11′ wide with a 5′ access area. A regular retail use would require 50 stalls based on square footage; there are currently 36 stalls and two ADA stalls. This business requires drop off and pick up parking only; vehicles don’t stay for any length. Discussion re: other businesses use some parking spots; there are no signs posted prohibiting parking.

There were no comments from Interested Parties; Ms. Deets had no closing statement. Mr. Lube moved to close the evidentiary portion of the hearing, seconded by Mr. Bednar and carried by unanimous voice vote.

Ms. Grotzke moved to amend Ordinance 11-50-O to permit the special use for a dog daycare at 1418 W. 55thSt. with the additional outdoor dog run subject to the following conditions: 1) that the parallel dog run be used – Option 1; 2) that the dumpster be placed in a location agreeable to the Building Department and not occupying a parking stall; 3) that three new parallel parking stalls along the grassy area on the north side of the rear parking lot be striped; 4) if the new tenant does not occupy the remaining sign space, the owner shall removed the old Curves tenant sign; and 5) in the event the dog daycare is no longer operating, the dog run fences shall be removed and the area be restored to its previous condition, seconded by Mr. Lube. Motion carried by unanimous Roll Call vote – 8/0/0.

Chairman Fullmer stated that the fact no residents are present tonight speaks volumes. This recommendation will come before the City Council on May 27, 2015.

Other Business

Ms. Clarke stated that at this time it appears there will be no June meeting; no applications have been filed. The Building Department is working with Timberline Landscaping – to come into compliance with zoning; the property was transferred to the sons. The house in the front was sold, but they kept the back portion of the lot.

Chick fil-A is eager to begin site improvements; everything is approved. Phelan Dodge is moving forward with their expansion plans.

The home on 55thStreet next to Cube Smart will be demolished this week. Terry’s Bike Shop – it’s been over a month since hearing from the general contractor; no plans have been forthcoming. They must install a sprinkler system prior to reopening. Backyard clean-up will be monitored as well.

Mr. Benson asked about repairing the new monument signs at the City Center – both are falling apart; citations should be issued; tiles are falling off. Mr. Lube called attention to the two southbound left-turn lanes on LaGrange Road turning east onto Joliet Road. When the arrow appears, the innermost lane vehicles are making U-turns and going into the Shell Gas Station; this is a dangerous practice; it has been witnessed on several occasions. Ms. Clarke will investigate the matter.


There being no further business to discuss, Mr. Benson moved to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Ms. Grotzke and carried by unanimous Roll Call vote.

Chairman Fullmer declared the meeting adjourned at 7:53 p.m.