Held at City Hall, Chamber Room

5550 East Ave Countryside IL

Thursday, November 5th, 2015 AT 4:30PM

1. Call meeting to order.

2. Roll Call:

Lou Moravecek – President Tom Radja – Board Attorney

Allen Arneson – Vice President Cathy Rothbard – Clerk

Karl Rodey – Secretary Dan Davis – Morgan Stanley

Ken Goluszka – Assistant Secretary Dick Barrett – Wells Fargo Wachovia

Steve Jasinski – Trustee Todd Schroeder – Lauterbach and Amen

Jessie Barrett – Wells Fargo Wachovia

3. Approval of minutes from July 30th, and October 21, 2015 meetings.

4. Public Comment

5. Investment Reports

6. Receipts and Disbursements from June, July, August, and September of 2015.

7. Bills:

DuPage County Clerk – notary certificate fee Ck#4487 $ 10.00

Tom Radja – Attorney Fees Ck#4498 3,517.86

Cheryl Brabec – court reporter fee Ck#4508 4,213.24

Lauterbach & Amen – actuarial fee Ck#4520 2,100.00

National Notary Assn notary filing fee debit card 10.00

IPPFA conference registration fees/training debit card 1,250.00

Fed-Ex mailings for audit debit card 47.74

USPS – postage and stamp fees debit card 49.00

IPPFA annual membership dues Ck#4521 795.00

8. Old Business

Approval of bills from Annual IPPFA Conference totaling $807.92.

9. New Business

Review/approval of audit for fiscal year ending April 30, 2015.

Review/approval of renewal of fiduciary insurance.

Review/approval of actuarial, Todd Schroeder from Lauterbach and Amen presenting.

Review of pensioner’s cola increases effective January, 2016.

10. Attorney’s Report

11. Closed Session to discuss pending or probable litigation, if needed.

12. Business from the pension board members for discussion, consideration, and, if so determined, action upon.

13. Adjournment

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