Held at City Hall in Chambers Room
Tuesday, October 11, 2011 6:00PM

Meeting called to order

Roll Call:

Lou Moravecek – President

Steve Drazner — Vice President

John Mikel –Secretary

Ken Goluszka –Assistant Secretary

Gail Paul –Trustee

Tom Radja –Board Attorney

Cathy Rothbard -Clerk

Dan Davis –Morgan Stanley-Smith Barney Investments

Jesse Barrett –Wells Fargo Wachovia Investments

Dick Barrett –Wells Fargo Wachovia Investments

Tim Bowen –Mesirow Financial

Reading and approval of minutes from July 21, 2011 meeting.

Receipts and Disbursements for June, July, and August, 2011


1. Collins & Radja – attorney fees Ck#3975 400.00

2. NIU Training Conference for board member Lou Moravecek Ck#3985 350.00

3. IPPFA training for board member Steve Drazner Ck#3986 750.00


2011-007-R State Bank of Countryside $50,000.00 CD due 1/21/12 at 0.25%

2011-008-R State Bank of Countryside $50,000.00 CD due 1/21/12 at 0.25%

2011-009-R State Bank of Countryside $33,761.36 CD due 1/17/12 at 0.25%

Old Business

An email vote was sent and the minutes from January 11th and April 12th meeting were approved.

Lauterbach and Amen will complete the municipal compliance report as required by House Bill 5088 for submission to the City of Countryside for the fee of $525.00. An email vote was held and it was unanimous to have them complete the report.

Investment Updates

Investment Updates and recommendations from Dan Davis of Morgan Stanley-Smith Barney and

Dick Barrett and Jesse Barrett of Wells Fargo-Wachovia.

New Business

Tim Bowen of Mesirow Financial will speak to the board members regarding Fiduciary Insurance.

Discussion of response letter from Board Attorney Tom Radja to Freeborn & Peters regarding longevity benefit.


Not available at this time.