The City Clerk’s Office is comprised of City Clerk Susan Burdett (elected), Deputy City Clerk Margaret Carey, Senior Administrative Clerk Karen Melone and Administrative Clerk Liz Cordova. The City Clerk serves a 4-year term.

The Clerk’s Office has responsibility for the following City functions:

  • Record all ordinances and resolutions passed by the City Council and forward to appropriate media sources if such legislation requires publication.
  • Issue and attest under the Corporate Seal of the City, all contracts and agreements approved by the Mayor and City Council.
  • Keep a record of all licenses granted, transferred or revoked.
  • Issue notices to the members of the City Council when directed to do so by that body, also to the members of the different committees and to all persons whose attendance is required before any committee.
  • Prepare special meeting notices and cause them to be served on the members of the City Council.
  • Keep the Corporate Seal and affix it to all documents and papers that are required to bear the official Seal of the City.
  • Be the custodian of all documents belonging to the City which are not assigned to the custody of some other officer, and keep a record showing all of the officers and regular employees of the City.
  • The Deputy Clerk has the power and duty to execute all documents required by law or ordinance to be executed by the City Clerk and affix the Seal of the City thereto whenever required.