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City Clerk
Where is the library?
The City of Countryside does not have a library. Please contact surrounding municipalities for available memberships. Some library recommendations are: LaGrange (708) 352-0576, Hodgkins (708) 579-1844, McCook (708) 4420-1242, and Western Springs (708) 246-0520. Click HERE to learn about City reimbursement programs.
Where do we vote / register to vote?
You may register to vote at Countryside City Hall or at other locations throughout Cook County. For more information please visit www.cookcountyclerk.com or call (312) 603-0906. Your polling place is based on where you live. You may also contact Lyons Township at (708) 482-8300 for further information.
Where can I get a welcome packet?
A Countryside City Guide is available at the Countryside Municipal Complex – 803 Joliet Road. Please call (708) 354-7270 for additional information.
Do I need to notify the City when I am selling property?
The Water Department needs to be notified when you are selling your property so they may schedule a final water reading. Also, a Real Estate Transfer Tax application must be completed and a transfer stamp purchased from the City Clerk’s office. You must also contact the Building Department to request a pre-sale inspection.
What is Countryside's sales tax rate?
Countryside’s general merchandise (excludes registered property such as vehicles) tax rate is 9.75%. Countryside's combined sales and restaurant tax is 10.75% which includes an additional 1.0% local restaurant tax. Countryside's qualifying food and drug tax rate is 2.25%. Countryside's Vehicle (ST-556) tax rate is 7.25%.
I am opening up a business. Do I need to get a license?
Yes. A business license is required by the City in order to operate a business. Please contact the Deputy Clerk’s Office at (708) 354-7270 for more details. Application forms may be downloaded from the City’s website.
Does the City have a public pool?
Public pools are in LaGrange, Cook County Forest Preserve, Lyons, Hinsdale and Westchester. Countryside does not have a public pool but a children splash pad is located at Soehrman Park, 7101 Willow Springs Road. You may contact the Clerk's Office for a list of pools in the area (708) 354-7270. Click HERE to learn about City reimbursement programs.
What garbage service does the City have?
Countryside residents have the ability to select their own garbage removal provider. Please contact the City Clerk’s Office for details.
Where can I go to protest my tax bill? Assessment?
If you have a discrepancy with your tax bill or property assessment, you may contact the Township of Lyons at (708) 482-8300 or the Cook County Assessor’s office at (312) 443-7550.
What are the watering restrictions dates and times?
Watering restrictions go into effect on May 15th until September 15 each year. No water sprinkling allowed between 12 Noon and 6 p.m. Sprinkling permitted for even numbered addresses (last digit) on even-numbered calendar days, and for odd-numbered addresses (last digit) on odd-numbered calendar days, for hours before noon or after 6:00 p.m. Please contact the Water Department at (708) 485-2465 with any questions.
Do I need a garage sale permit?
Yes, garage sale permits are available at no charge from the City Clerk’s Office located at City Hall. You may hold two garage sales per year which may operate in three consecutive day increments. Please click on the following link for more information.

Garage Sale Application