1. Can a permit be rescinded for violation of codes and rules?

      Answer:  Yes.

  1. Are temporary barriers required for protection of patrons from vehicles?

     Answer.  Yes.

  1. Are there any permit fees associated with this outdoor dining permit application?

     Answer:  No.

  1. Can public restrooms be available in the restaurant or can temporary toilet facilities be located outside?

     Answer:  Yes.

  1. Are screen umbrellas allowed at tables?

     Answer:  Yes.

  1. Are tents allowed?

     Answer:  Yes.  They must conform to UL 701 flame spread characteristics.  Specifications or cut sheets shall be supplied.

  1. Can accessible parking spaces be used for open dining?

     Answer:  Minimum of one accessible space shall be provided under all conditions.  Space shall be duly marked with signage provided and shall be closer to the
     outdoor dining.

  1. Is emergency lighting and exit signs required?

     Answer:  Yes.  When a fire retardant tent is used.

  1. Can outdoor dining be in the right of way or over your property lines?

     Answer:  No.

  1. Are fire extinguishers required at outdoor dining?

     Answer:  Yes.  Minimum of one.  Model # 4A60 BC centered in the dining area.

  1. Can smoking occur in the dining area since we are outside?

     Answer:  No.  Smoking must be a minimum 15 feet from tables and chairs and not under tents.

  1. Are outdoor refuse containers required in dining area?

    Answer:  Yes.  Minimum of two containers for garbage.

  1. Can tents be enclosed?

    Answer:  Partially.  Side flaps can be allowed on walls facing residential areas only an no more than 50% of total wall length.

  1. Can dining be adjacent to enclosed garbage enclosures?

    Answer:  No. Refuse and recycling enclosures shall be clear and maintained.

  1. Once I receive my permit, is it required to be displayed?

    Answer:  Yes.  The permit shall be displayed to indicate the maximum capacity for the outdoor dining.

  1. Is indoor dining allowed provided it follows the specific guidelines of the State of Illinois “Restore Illinois” Phase 3?

    Answer:  Yes.