Parking Violations
5-2-1 No parking after 2” of snowfall.
5-2-4B No parking on unpaved surface.
5-2-10A No parking – Parks (10pm – 6am)
5-2-10B1 No parking – Overnight (2am – 6am)
7-3-1E Signs prohibited. No advertising on public property.
10-10-3A Commercial vehicles parked at residence must be enclosed on 3 sides, parked on paved or gravel surface, and must not exceed 8,000 lbs.
6-4-7D No open burning.
5-1-14 Deliveries & pickups at business (M-F 7AM – 4:30PM, SAT 8AM – 2PM, NONE – SUN/HOLIDAY)
10-10-3J No parking – When not registered in business district (commercial vehicles).
Animal Control
4-4-9D Failure to remove excreta by animal.
4-4-10A No animals in City parks (where signs are posted).
4-3-1 Curfew – 17 & under (weekdays 10PM – 6AM / WEEKENDS 11PM – 6AM)
4-3-2 Possession of tobacco by a minor.
4-3-3 Unlawful consumption/possession of alcohol by a minor.