Emergency Notifications

Emergency Emails – Blackboard Connect

The City of Countryside has a “reverse 911” system called Blackboard Connect that advises our residents of emergency situations, emergency weather, and other important/critical information that Countryside residents need to know. Only residents with published phone numbers are automatically included in our system – as we obtain our data from the local phone companies. However, if a resident does not have a published phone number (or would like to add an additional number) and would like to be included in the data bank for Blackboard Connect, they can do so by either signing up on the Blackboard website by clicking HERE, contacting the police department at 708-352-2171 with their name, address and phone number, or by picking up a form at the police department.

If you have any questions, please contact the police department at 708-352-2171.

Severe Weather Emergency

It should be remembered that most weather events that occur in the area we live in are not severe by definition, but they all have the potential for reaching severe level. In order to stay informed about the severity of a weather event, you should monitor the radio, television, or purchase a weather alert radio. If you have a scanner, NOAA weather radio operates off a frequency of 162.425 Mhz and is the best way to get information about watches and warnings.

Don’t let storms catch you by surprise. Did you know that you can also have severe weather and other emergency notifications for Cook County and the immediate area sent directly to you? To receive notice of emergencies via email from the Emergency Email & Wireless Network, enter your information on their website HERE.

There are also many internet sites that are available to gather weather information. While the City of Countryside does not endorse any of these sites, they are yet another tool for you to gather information about weather events occurring in our area.

Useful Links

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