The Public Works Department consists of Superintendent Jesse Serna and eleven full time employees.

Some of the primary responsibilities and tasks performed by the Public Works Department are:

  • Maintaining all City owned streets (patching, sweeping, etc.)
  • Maintaining and inspecting all City owned facilities (including City owned parks)
  • Seasonal tasks such as snow removal, leaf pickup, etc.
  • Landscaping, planting, mowing, and tree trimming
  • Overseeing the water treatment process
  • Flushing hydrants
  • Collecting refuse at City owned parks and parkways
  • Re-lamping street lights
  • Maintaining and repairing City vehicles and other equipment
  • Maintaining and repairing sanitary sewers (Ward 2)
  • Inspecting sump pumps (Ward 2)
  • Maintaining storm water lines throughout the City
  • Overseeing many other tasks which benefit the City as a whole

In general terms, the Public Works Department provides an invaluable service to the public which provides a higher quality of life.