Countryside’s Emergency Services and Disaster Agency currently reports to the Chief of Police of the Countryside Police Department and is a division within that organizational structure.

Our Mission:

To serve the residents of the City of Countryside in providing emergency preparedness, planning, and response mitigation along with public education as it relates to a variety of natural and man-made disasters including terrorism. This mission is upheld with liaison support from a variety of agencies including Cook County Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management (CCDHSEM), Cook County Department of Public Health (CCDPH), Illinois Emergency Management Agency (IEMA), Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

To provide ongoing updates to the City’s Emergency Operations Disaster Plan, All Hazards Mitigation Plan, Pharmaceutical Distribution Plan, and municipal facilities.

The Emergency Operations Disaster Plan is designed to assist in maintaining the continuity of government in the event that the Mayor makes a major disaster declaration and to mitigate the event.  This document is a “living” document that is continually reviewed and amended to meet the ever changing requirements set forth by County, State, and Federal government mandates.

The City’s Pharmaceutical Distribution Plan is our procedures manual to prepare for and respond to the widespread distribution of medicines to, not only first responders, but also to the general public if ever activated by the County, State, or Federal Health Department.  The City of Countryside and Village of Hodgkins have combined resources and plan preparation strategies into a unified joint operations plan in order to increase synergies, reduce complexity, and to better utilize the resources available to both communities in meeting the requirements set forth by State and Federal public health agencies.

As the role of this department continues to evolve to meet the requirements set forth by the City Fathers, County, State and Federal government, the functions and services that may be performed include::

  • Emergency Preparedness Response – To continue to develop and implement plans that allow for a seamless continuity of government, while providing the core essential services to our residents.
  • City Sponsored Events – Provide parking and traffic control support at various city events.
  • Provide Departmental Assistance – To assist any governmental agency or mutual aid municipality in any capacity as deemed necessary and warranted.

The City of Countryside became the fifth community in Cook County to become a StormReady recognized community as of June 2005. This designation was achieved after the City met the criteria established by the National Weather Service.  The City then received renewal of the designation as a certified community every 3 years with the most recent re-certification being achieved in 2014 through 2017.