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Countryside Police LogoCRIME PREVENTION TIPS:

The Countryside Police Department wants to remind residents to be cautious and take steps to prevent themselves from becoming the victim of a crime.

Be alert for confidence crimes/ruse burglaries. This type of scam commonly targets senior citizens. Two or more subjects will come to the door with an excuse to gain entry to your home. These criminals will pose as city or utility workers, roof repair workers, or handymen. Once inside the home (or doorway), one individual will distract the homeowner while the other steals from the homeowner.

  • If someone comes to your door and you feel uncomfortable – DO NOT LET THEM IN!
  • CALL 911 immediately.
  • If you see something suspicious in your neighborhood, please call us.

  • Solicitors must comply with local ordinance. If you suspect any unusual activity, call 911.
  • Always ask for identification.
  • Never allow a solicitor into your home to use the bathroom or to complete paperwork.
  • Never give your credit card number or Social Security number to a solicitor.

A vehicle break-in is a very common crime that usually occurs in places with large numbers of parked cars.

  • Always lock your doors.
  • Keep items out of view. A thief looks into car windows hoping to find something of value; purses, bags, GPS devices, etc. Keep spare change out of sight. Put anything of value in your trunk or take it in your house.
  • Use safety features – such as a car alarm or removable radio face plate.
  • Park in a well-lit area.
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