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K-9 Dago
K-9 Dago
dago-webOn August 4, 2006, the Countryside Police Department sadly announced the line of duty death of K-9 Dago. Officer Joseph DiGangi and K-9 Dago (pronounced dâh-go) responded to a call involving shots fired from a vehicle that was being pursued by officers. Officer DiGangi and Dago responded to the request for assistance. Upon arrival in Berwyn, Officer DiGangi and Dago began a track of the fleeing subject.
A subject was located by officers under a vehicle. Officers attempted to have the subject exit from under the vehicle by voice commands. Officer DiGangi gave verbal warning that the K-9 would be released. The suspect did not respond and K-9 Dago was released. Dago responded to the backside of the vehicle. While Dago was attempting to locate the offender he was shot twice by a police officer. After the unfortunate event, Dago was rushed to the Berwyn Animal Hospital where doctors and staff worked hard to save his life. Dago’s tour of Duty ended on August 4, 2006.
Dago was well known and loved in the City of Countryside for his hard working approach to the job. He was a K-9 that truly loved to work. Dago assisted many area departments. He is particularly missed by members of the Countryside Police Department as well as members of the Major Case Assistance Team (M.C.A.T.). Dago was used regularly by the M.C.A.T. units in major investigations involving local area departments.