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The South Lyons Township Sanitary District originated in 1959 as the Countryside Sanitary District. After the City’s incorporation in 1960, the name was changed to the South Lyons Township Sanitary District to avoid public confusion between the sanitary district and the City. The district was formed as a result of a 1959 special election. The district is directed by three elected trustees and services Wards 1 and 3 in the City.  The La Grange Highlands Sanitary District (LHSD) is a separate government agency responsible for the delivery of water and maintenance of the sanitary sewers for all of the La Grange Highlands, and parts of the City of Countryside, La Grange, Western Springs, and Indian Head Park.  Within the City’s Limits, the LHSD provides water delivery and sanitary sewer services to the North section of Ward 3 which is commonly referred to as the Triangle Area.   The office hours for the LHSD are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.  If you have an emergency after hours or to report a main break, please call (708) 246-5657 or email

The sanitary sewer system in the City’s Ward 2 is managed and maintained by the City’s Water Department. The system consists of 6.35 miles of sanitary collection mains feeding a lift station on Sunset Avenue, which transfers wastewater to the South Lyons Township Sanitary System. The lift station is operated and controlled by the Water Department via its SCADA control system which provides real time reports of the current operating status as well as alerts the Department of any operational problems.