Water Usage Tips Print

A family of four uses about 320 gallons of water a day or 116,800 gallons a year, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. Approximate amounts of water required for typical household activities:

Activity Water
Laundry 20-45G/load
Shower 20-30G/shower
Tub Bath 30-40G/bath
Dishwasher 15-30G/load
Toilet 3-7G/flush
Drinking Water 1-2 quarts/day/person
Garbage disposal 5G/minute
Car Washing 5G/minute

5 Tips To Save Water:

  1. Take short showers.
  2. Install landscape irrigation and replace lawns with drought-tolerant plants.
  3. Don’t leave water running unnecessarily.
  4. Wash full load of laundry and dishes.
  5. Fix all leaks, inside and out.