IDOT will be starting the second phase of the Ogden Avenue Bridge Repair Project on Friday, July 26.  The work will require traffic to be reduced to one lane in each direction on Ogden Avenue.  Expect significant traffic delays. Please find alternative routes if possible.


The City of Countryside will be contracting for road resurfacing work on four streets this summer. The project includes curb replacement as needed, roadway base repair, and replacement of asphalt surface from curb to curb. This work is part of the City’s 5-year street and alley program to improve the road system throughout the community. The funding for the project will be from the Motor Fuel Tax Fund and the City’s General Fund, and there will be no direct charge to the property owners on these streets. We anticipate the work to begin the week of June 15th, however, the City will notify the affected homeowners and businesses prior to work beginning.


  • Forestview Road from Lorraine Avenue to Sunset Avenue
  • Parkside Avenue from Hillsdale Road to Crestview Road
  • 61st Place from Brainard Avenue to the Cul-De-Sac
  • Barton Road from Brainard Avenue to Longview Drive


The Illinois Department of Transportation has completed preliminary engineering and environmental studies (Phase I) for the improvement of 55th Street from LaGrange Road to East Avenue in the City of Countryside in Cook County. Funding for this improvement is included in the Department’s Fiscal Year 2019-2024 Proposed Highway Improvement Program. Current engineering efforts are targeted to enable a contract letting in the middle years of the current program contingent upon plan readiness, land acquisition, and funding availability through future annual legislative appropriations. The general scope of work for this improvement consists of the addition of a median along 55th Street to safely accommodate left turning vehicles. In addition, at the intersection with LaGrange Road, left turn lanes on all legs of the intersection will be provided. A right turn lane will be provided on both legs of 55th Street and on the south leg of LaGrange Road. The proposed drainage plan includes continuous curb and gutter sections, and improved storm sewer.


These updates can be found under the section “New Municipal Complex – Updates”, located under the General tab from the main page of the City’s website. Click HERE to be directed to that page.


The Illinois Department of Transportation (Department) has completed preliminary engineering and environmental studies (Phase I) for the improvement of 55th Street from Wolf Road to Brainard Avenue in Cook County.  This project was included in the Joliet Road Feasibility Study, which recommended several roadway improvements to mitigate traffic impacts from the closure of Joliet Road.  This project is included in the Department’s FY 2018-2023 Proposed Highway Improvement Program.  Our current engineering efforts are targeted to enable a contract letting in the middle years of our current multi-year program contingent upon plan readiness, land acquisition, and funding availability through our future annual legislative appropriations.  The general scope of work for this improvement consists of widening and resurfacing 55th Street to provide a median and left turn lanes, adding a southbound right turn lane along Willow Springs Road, traffic signal replacement, pedestrian and bicyclist accommodations, and drainage improvements.

A public hearing was held on August 24, 2016 at the Pleasantview Fire Protection District Headquarters Building at 1970 W. Plainfield Road.  For a copy of the Public Hearing Brochure click HERE.

July, 2017 Update:  The Illinois Department of Transportation is nearing completion of a preliminary engineering and environmental study (Phase 1) for the improvement.  This project is included in IDOT’s FY 2018-2023 Proposed Highway Improvement Program.  IDOT is targeting a contract letter in the middle years of our current multi-year program contingent upon plan readiness, land acquisition, and funding availability through our future annual legislative appropriations.

For more information click HERE.


The Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) is proposing widening 55th Street from East Avenue to LaGrange Road.  This project will include:

  • A continuous 5 lane road with a center turn lane.
  • Dedicated right turn lanes at the north, east and west legs of the intersection.
  • Increased stacking of cars for left turns (including raised medians for safety)
  • Continuous sidewalks for pedestrian safety.
  • Traffic signal modernization
  • Lighting & drainage improvements.

This project is included in the IDOT’s 5-year plan for 2018-2023.  If funding is available, IDOT anticipates bidding the project in 2019 or 2020.

Please click HERE to view IDOT’s Presentation:

Email IDOT for Comments or Concerns: DOT.55thstreet@illinois.gov


In 2014, the City was awarded an Illinois Transportation Enhancement Program (ITEP) grant for the installation of a shared-use path along the east side of Brainard Avenue from Joliet Road to 55th Street. IDOT is the lead agency on this project. The City is funding $145,550.00 for the project, $946,200.00 is being paid for using federal funding through the ITEP grant, and $90,000.00 is being paid for using Invest in Cook County grant funding (the City was notified that it was a recipient of the Invest in Cook County grant in July 2018).

ComEd, AT&T and Comcast have spent the entire spring and summer relocating their facilities to prepare for the City’s Shared-Use Path along Brainard Avenue.  We expected this work to be completed no later than the end of June. Unfortunately, the work will not be completed until early to mid-October. The IDOT contractor for the path construction is requiring that all utility relocations are 100% complete before they will begin construction of the path. The utility relocation delays have forced the City to decide whether to start the project this year or to postpone it until spring 2020. If the project were to begin this year, only approximately 25% of the work would be done prior to winter. This would leave homeowners in in a state of disarray until spring. We feel that this inconvenience is too great and, therefore, the City has elected to postpone the project until spring. We sincerely regret this delay, but it is beyond our control.


September 2019 – The Illinois Tollway provided updates to the Central Tri-State Tollway Technical Outreach Committee at the September meeting.  The presentation and exhibits from the meeting are available on the Outreach Section of the Tollway’s website.

Balmoral Avenue to 95th Street – July, 2019

The Illinois Tollway is reconstructing the Central Tri-State Tollyway (I-294) from Balmoral Avenue to 95th Street.  As part of the project, the Tollway will be removing and replacing existing noise abatement walls within the project corridor.  The Illinois Tollway will be sending out letters later this month to those property owners affected.  Prior to the removal of the noisewalls, contractors will install temporary, 8-foot chain-link fencing with dark mesh to create a safe work zone while limiting sight and nuisances.

Proposed Noisewalls in Countryside
The technical noise study is now available.  As part of the Central Tri-State Project, a noise study was conducted by Tollway staff to determine current and future noise levels and to evaluate noise abatement structures throughout the corridor. This analysis followed the stipulations outlined in the Tollway’s Traffic Noise Study and Abatement Policy, per federal noise abatement regulations.

The Tollway has added new information and resources about noisewall construction for the public.

Attached for your use are three website graphics – a Central Tri-State Project button, banner and a noise study button. Feel free to use these on your website or email communications to link back to the Central Tri-State outreach page on the Tollway’s website or directly to the noise study.

The presentation and exhibits presented at these meetings are available on our website. 

The Central Tri-State Tollway Plan will be available to the public in January. Preparations for this project started in 2015 with several planning meetings, and open houses were held in April 2017 at three separate locations. The plans have been finalized, and work will begin in several phases from 2019 through 2025. Improvements on this $4 billion dollar project include: widening and adding extra lanes where needed, the re-configuring and improvement of the I-290/I-294/I-88 interchange, improving the I-55 interchange, new interchanges for local access, and  regional storm water improvements. All of these improvements are fully funded through Tollway revenues. The first part of the project will be the reconstruction of the mile long bridge, which will take place from 2019 – 2023. There is a possibility that 5 homes in Countryside will be purchased by the Tollway. Tollway Officials will be reaching out to those residents in the next few weeks. Countryside is still included on the plan for sound walls in various locations. More information on the project can be found on the Tollway’s website: www.illinoistollway.com/outreach


There will be a public meeting on Wednesday, December 6, 2017 from 4-7 p.m. at Toyota Park, Stadium Club, located at 7000 Harlem Avenue, Bridgeview, IL  60455.  The Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) will discuss important updates to the preliminary engineering and environmental study (Phase 1) for the improvement of Interstate 55 from Interstate 355 to Interstate 90/94 project.

The Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) in cooperation with the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) initiated the I-55 Managed Lane Study. The purpose of the study is to evaluate options for improving traffic flow by adding an additional managed lane in each direction along the I-55 corridor (between I-355 and I-90/94). Representatives from the IDOT met with the Mayor and City staff to discuss the results of their study and the recommendations that will be presenting to the public at three upcoming forums.

The current recommendation includes an express lane in each direction which will require a toll. These additional lanes will make use of the existing inside median. The traffic noise analysis which was completed in February includes proposed noise walls in Countryside (click on the I-55 chart below).  All property owners within the blue shaded area will be receiving a letter from IDOT requesting them to vote on the installation of the noise wall. Please be sure to vote. IDOT requires a minimum response rate of 33% and a minimum of 50% of those responding to vote in favor of the noise barrier to proceed.

General information:

Noise wall voting process:

Noise Analysis Results:
Upcoming Public Forums

I-55 Chart