The City of Countryside Administrative Offices

You may contact the City of Countryside by using the general number at 708.354.7270. Below please find a breakdown of each City department along with the appropriate contact within each department.

City Administration 708.354.7270 708.354.9445

Name Title Telephone Email
Gail Paul
City Administrator 708.485.2462
Sue Dignin
Human Resources Assistant 708.485.2054

City Clerk's Office 708.354.7270 708.354.9445

Name Title Telephone Email
Elizabeth Kmet
City Clerk (Elected) 708.354.7270
Elizabeth Saucedo
Deputy City Clerk 708.485.2595
Karen Melone
Senior Administrative Clerk 708.485.2058
Molly Rodriguez
Office Assistant 708.485.2036

Community Development 708.354.1860 708.354.9445

Name Title Telephone Email
Cheryl Jordan
Property Maintenance/Housing Inspection 708.485.2352
Janice Bodinet
Permit Specialist 708.485.2374
John Fitzgerald, Novotny Engineering
City Engineer 630.887.8640
Kevin Wagner
Building Commissioner 708.485.4462
Mike Tatro
Plumbing Inspector 708.485.5978
Richard Trent
Planning Manager 708.485.4775

Dept of Public Works 708.354.3390 708.354.9445

Name Title Telephone Email
Jesse Serna
Superintendent 708.485.4012

Finance Department 708.354.7270 708.354.9445

Name Title Telephone Email
Dave Schutter
Finance Director 708.485.2464
Holly Williams
Senior Clerk (Water Billing) 708.485.2465
Kelly Keach
Accounts Payable Clerk 708.485.2653
Meiling Lieu
Senior Accountant 708.485.2470

Police Department non-emergency 708.352.2171 708.352.1032

Name Title Telephone Email
Charity Mitchell
Executive Assistant 708.352.2171
Jim Stern
Deputy Chief of Police 708.352.2171
Joanne Hernandez
Records Coordinator 708.352.2171
Paul Klimek
Chief of Police 708.352.2171

Water Department 708.354.8820 708.485.2691

Name Title Telephone Email
Don Decker
Water Plant Operator 708.485.2677
Service Number
Wes Phenegar
Lead Water Plant Operator 708.485.2657