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Department of Public Works
When is branch pick-up available?
Branch pick-up starts on the first Monday of April and runs through the last weekday in October. Branches should be placed on the parkway (branches must be less than 3” in diameter) and Public Works will remove them.
When is leaf pick-up available and what do we have to do to have them picked up?
The leaf pick-up program runs from October through November. In order for Public Works to pick-up leaves, you must rake them onto the parkway in the front of your residence. Do not rake the leaves into the street as they will not be picked up and could cause sewer back up and overflow. Also, please do not place any branches, sticks, etc. in the leaf piles. Public Works will come around on a continuous cycle so please allow several days for pick-up.
What are the details of the snow removal program for senior citizens and disabled residents?
Citizens 62 and older and disabled residents may sign up each year to have their driveway aprons plowed if more than 2" of snow falls.  This removal will be done ONLY after all City streets are cleared.  Please note that the City is NOT responsible for any driveway damage.
To receive this service, please fill out this FORM and return to the City Clerk's Office.  Allow 48 hours for processing.
Please contact the Clerk’s Office at (708) 354-7270 with any further questions.