Public Works Department Print

The Public Works Department consists of Superintendent Jesse Serna and eleven full time employees.
Some of the primary responsibilities and tasks performed by the Public Works Department are:
  • Maintaining all City owned streets (patching, sweeping, etc.).
  • Maintaining and inspecting all City owned facilities (including City owned parks).
  • Seasonal tasks such as snow removal, leaf pickup, etc.
  • Landscaping, planting, mowing, and tree trimming.
  • Overseeing the water treatment process.
  • Flushing hydrants.
  • Collecting refuse at City owned parks and parkways.
  • Re-lamping street lights.
  • Maintaining and repairing City vehicles and other equipment.
  • Maintaining and repairing sanitary sewers (Ward 2).
  • Inspecting sump pumps (Ward 2).
  • Maintaining storm water lines throughout the City.
  • Overseeing many other tasks which benefit the City as a whole.
In general terms, the Public Works Department provides an invaluable service to the public which provides a higher quality of life.